Russian Patriarch says meeting with Pope drew world’s attention to persecution of Christians

Russian Patriarch says meeting with Pope drew world’s attention to persecution [of Christians]

[Excluding those in the country of the capital at whose airport they met – namely, Cuba, where FrankenPope on an earlier visit avoided meeting representatives of persecuted Catholics – namely, the Ladies in White, who were forcibly arrested and detained by the Castro Commie government]


Catholic World News – May 18, 2017

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill believes that the most important outcome of his historic meeting with Pope Francis was a new public recognition of the persecution of Christians.

In an interview with La Stampa more than a year after the meeting, the Russian Patriarch sidestepped most questions about ecumenical relations between Moscow and Rome. Instead he focused on the question of religious freedom and persecution. He said:

The main subject of the discussion was in fact the “monstrous” condition of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa, a much wider topic than the bilateral agenda. I

Until our meeting with Pope Francis, this topic was almost invisible on international media, and we also saw a great deal of indifference from many international organizations. Afterwards, the situation has changed substantially.

Patriarch Kirill went on to say, in the interview with La Stampa, that Christians should work together, especially in Europe, to reverse dangerous trends: “the destruction of the family, the ideology of trans-humanism and so many others.”

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