‘Catholic’ college’s ‘values’ may require ‘Crusader’ name change

‘Catholic’ college’s ‘values’ may require ‘Crusader’ name change


Students apathetic about name change; [predominantly liberal] faculty [and Jesuit administration] show more interest

MAY 18, 2017

The [Jesuit] College of the Holy Cross is considering changing the school’s team name, the Crusaders, because of its connection to the Crusades in the Middle Ages.

Holy Cross professor Mark Freeman suggested that there are both “good and compelling reasons to keep the name, and there are good and compelling reasons to replace it,” the Worcester Business Journal reported.

According to Holy Cross’s website, the college has maintained the “Crusader” team name since 1925.

The president of the Worcester, Massachusetts college, Reverend Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., sent out a letter to alumni volunteers saying that he plans “to begin in the fall with a thoughtful dialogue about the College’s identity, mission, and values.” He further explained that the discussion would be centered around their “core values and identity.”

Marisa Gregg, a spokeswoman for Holy Cross, confirmed in an email to The College Fix that Holy Cross “will begin a conversation in the fall” and that “a process for that exploration has not yet been determined.”

This process was initiated because some “members of [the Holy Cross] community” were concerned about the “appropriateness of the ‘Crusader’ mascot,” Gregg explained. The campus members voiced these concerns in “campus feedback sessions,” which were open to both students and faculty.

Gregg told The Fix that “it isn’t clear whether the feedback about the mascot came from faculty or students specifically.”

This debate comes a few months after the student newspaper, The Crusader, also considered changing its name after dozens of members of the Holy Cross faculty suggested that the paper consider doing so. The faculty said The Crusader should consider the change because of “growing anti-Muslim tensions in our country, and the fact that KKK official newspaper shares the same name.”

Sam Arciprete, the chief opinions editor of The Crusader, wrote in the newspaper around the same time that “the historical aspect of changing the name seems secondary in [his] mind if there are students on campus who feel marginalized by the name of their newspaper.” He added that “there very well might not be a single student that finds the name offensive and doesn’t see the connection between the name of our newspaper and whatever drew the KKK to the name The Crusader. But if even one student has a problem with the name of the newspaper, we have an obligation to hear the concerns and engage in a thoughtful discussion on the issue.”

According to Arciprete—who did not respond to inquires from The College Fix—the engagement from the student body was not nearly as powerful as that of the professors. He suggested in his op-ed that the student body is “apathetic about the name of the newspaper” and that “few students have actually engaged in the discussion.”

“We have received ZERO op-ed articles from students engaging on this topic,” Arciprete added.

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4 comments on “‘Catholic’ college’s ‘values’ may require ‘Crusader’ name change

  1. That this blindly insane PC issue (one of many) is even taking up one minute of academic administration time demonstrates how far gone matters have become. Education is one more dead man walking in the zombie world of Modernism.

    That the major outcry is from the faculty is no surprise at all.

  2. OK, it’s not from The Onion.

    The Pansies is a good name. Or the Snowflakes.

    Is there anyone Catholic left in the History Department who is able to explain that the Crusades were a defensive enterprise? Or that they enabled the development of Catholic Social Thought in Europe, including Social Justice principles and Transcendental modernist theology of Vatican II making possible the culture enjoyed by students and faculty at Holy Cross. How many girls at Holy Cross, for instance, who would like to submit to genital mutilation? They are currently free not to have to be genitally mutilated largely due to the bravery, valor, and courage, of the Western Catholic Crusaders of medieval Europe.

  3. The previous title of the Holy Cross College student newspaper was the Tomahawk, because one of the names of the hill on which the college was built 1s Pakachoag Hill (after a local but long-gone Indian tribe) – along with College Hill and Mount Saint James.


    The paper with that title was started in 1925 and changed to The Crusader in 1955, the college’s mascot. The Tomahawk title was continued on the annual satirical April Fools’ Day issue until PC set in.

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