Sneak peek at my latest for the Remnant: is the Revolution done with Francis?

Sneak peek at my latest for the Remnant: is the Revolution done with Francis?


MAY 17, 2017 by HILARY WHITE

… and what’s next?

(Hint: keep in mind what Italians like to do to dictators when they’ve had enough of them…)

A while ago Mike Matt asked me how it could possibly be worse. I said, “Oh, I don’t know. How about someone smarter, more wiley and less obvious, more politically skilled and more plausible, and 20 years younger?”

“Has Bergoglio reached the end of his usefulness? And if so, what’s next on the agenda?”

(…But I wouldn’t count ol’ Papa Barbouncer out just yet…)

Broadly, he was to sever the connection of the Church’s power structures to her doctrines, most especially the doctrines that the secular world finds most objectionable; that is, on sex and marriage. He was to complete the desacralization of the Church as an institution and remove the last obstacles for a functioning union between Catholicism, “liberal” factions in other Christian confessions and other religions and the globalist, transnationalist elites in Brussels and New York.

All of these things he has accomplished, and the time has come for the Revolution to move on to the next phase.


The short version is that at the end of 4 years of Pope Francis Bergoglio, every bit of the power and money of the institutions of the Catholic Church is now in the hands of the completely triumphant post-Conciliar, secularist, globalist, neo-modernist Revolution. And that is why I think that Bergoglio’s reign will not last much longer. His purpose has been accomplished; Maradiaga’s “irreversible renovation” of the Church is done.

Bergoglio himself has been recorded saying that he thought his pontificate would last about 4 years. And here we are. We know that certain people put him in place for certain reasons. He was to accomplish some very particular tasks and I think he has done so. I think overall, his job was to complete the demolition project of the radical revolutionaries of the VaticanTwo-ist project; that is, the total reconstruction of the Catholic Church along the lines of their vision.

What I believe is that now that the Wrecking Ball has done his work, we will next have the Surgeon.

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2 comments on “Sneak peek at my latest for the Remnant: is the Revolution done with Francis?

  1. Bergoglio still has next year’s synod to work on; Put an end to the traditional priesthood. He still has to finish the SSPX issue. Bergoglio still has to endorse the next democratic party candidate. He is still useful to the globalists.

  2. It is possible that White’s conclusions, in the short run, might be seen as plausible if one completely discounts the counterweight of a truly Catholic clergy/laity resistance to the revolution.

    I don’t think that is either reasonable or possible, however. Reverence for and adherence to Sacred Tradition is growing and definitely not disappearing.

    And it is the case in more locations than ever before.

    Whatever what Canon Hesse (RIP+) called the counterfeit “church”, a schismatic result of a “council” that was in no way a Council of the Church, intends cannot alter the trajectory of the restoration that will some day sweep the monstrosities of the present day Left into the dustbin of history.

    Soldier on, troops. It might be our great-great-grandchildren who will be first to see that restoration, but it is a war worth fighting in the here and now.

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