Mundabor on Vatican’s Medj Poppycock and Piffle

Medjugorje And No End Of Deception, Opportunism And Confusion

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The news is everywhere so I am sure you will be able to find the links yourselves: the Medjugorje commission has given the most ambiguous, non-answering answer to the scam of Medjugorje, and the CDF has countered with its own, far more critical document.
Alas, the Church of V II appears to have only one commandment: Thou Shall Not Offend.

The commission bent over forward in the most extraordinary way, dividing the apparitions in two groups: the first set of “unannounced” alleged apparitions and the industry of the thousand of alleged apparitions afterwards. In the first case, the majority (but not all, as Church Militant tell us it’s necessary) of the members consider the apparitions supernatural. There is no conclusion of constat de supernaturalitate, because – again, according to what CM reports – for that unanimity would be required. Therefore, even the first apparitions do not pass the test.

The second set is destroyed as expected, though even in this case our heroes stop short of issuing a constat de non supernaturalitate. Rather, it seems to me the conclusion is non constat de supernaturalitate, but I will have to read more in detail.

In a third stunning turn of event, it is proposed to examine the possibility of making of the place a sanctuary, under control of the Vatican, because Medjugorje would encourage “spirituality” and blabla. Apart from the obvious rebellion of following a fake Blessed Virgin who says uncatholic things against the open condemnation of two bishops, with this train of thought the Church should establish Lutheran sanctuaries in all important places of Lutheranism (Erfurt, Wartburg, Worms, the lot) as there is no doubt Lutheranism has produced many very pious men and women….

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2 comments on “Mundabor on Vatican’s Medj Poppycock and Piffle

  1. Only I can help you (Our Lady of Fatima)

    IMHO, the Mother of God has not appeared anywhere with messages for the world since Fatima. Look at it this way. One hundred years ago we learned that God is very angry. He was merciful to let Our Lady come to us with warnings and instructions. Men ignored her call to penance, so God let us fall into a second world war, as she predicted. He let the most hideous regimes enslave a huge portion of men, enslaving, torturing, and murdering millions.

    Should Our Lord have let his mother come again to repeat herself? Would it have averted WWII? Obviously not. God is angry and His mother came with the only way out. And what has happened? Rome buried her message and foisted more worldliness on us.

    Do you think God is still angry? Without a doubt (just look at what he’s given us for pope). Do you imagine that He would suffer His mother to come and repeat herself? I can’t see it. Garabandal, Akita (The Lady of All Nations – a socialist fake Mary), Medjugorje, and so on, aren’t Our Lady, and don’t even resemble the message of Fatima.

    Likewise, do you imagine that Our Lord would come with messages? He’s ready to bring on the next deluge, but He let His mother come to help those who would listen to her. But that’s it. He’s not going to speak over His mother.

    Things are scary right now. The Good God is giving us ever longer hanks of rope to hang ourselves. An apocalypse would be merciful in comparison to the drought we’re in. Men can’t see how they’re racing headlong into the abyss, and the pope and bishops are fueling their descent. The call to penance came 100 years ago. It will not be coming today.

  2. May I add, Cyprian, these questions and/or comments to your post?
    Can anyone imagine the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception, giving false and conflicting appearances following Fatima? On the other hand, can anyone imagine Lucifer arranging such false appearances and imbedding in minds of the hierarchy such concepts as LGBTQ rights, gay and female clergy, universal salvation, the “Third Secret is not for our time,” evolving doctrine, communion-in-the-hands, humanizing and secularizing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and a litany of other abuses prevalent in the “Church of What’s Happening Now” while the Occupant of the Chair of Peter concerns himself with “climate-change,” making overtures to false religions, and other secular matters? Can anyone imagine Lucifer planting in the minds of the hierarchy the concept of abandoning, for all practical purposes, who stand for Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief and who, get this, are “excommunicated” or have faculties and jurisdiction withheld,for doing so? Can anyone imagine Lucifer planting in the minds of a bishop that he should withhold faculties and jurisdiction from validly-ordained priests because they are striving to follow St. Paul’s admonition to “hold fast to the traditions you have received from us whether by word or our epistle”? Can anyone imagine Lucifer planting in the mind of the Pope the concept that he must resign the papacy because he is old and tired and turn it over to a modernist who refuses even to genuflect during the elevation of the Eucharist? Can anyone imagine the hierarchy whose mandate is to teach, govern and, most importantly, to sanctify
    , sitting on their hands while such actions are taking place? Well, I can and I can also imagine priests who take their vows seriously and follow Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief because they are here ( and they are real and thank God for them.

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