Truth – What is Truth?

Not to paraphrase or quote Pontius Pilate on this subject but to comment on the media fiasco that is taking place on the subject allow me to point out some things that people may not be aware of. First of all, the key to this matter is the attempt by Democrats to destroy the Trump Administration with allegations of impropriety and dishonesty in their interactions with the American people. That’s what this is all about – an attempt by the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Susan Rice, Uma Abedin, John Podesta and others to cover their own tracks by accusing the Trump Administration and, now the President himself, with disclosing “classified information” to the Russians.

First, the President is the one person who can decide in the final analysis what is classified and what is not in dealing with matters of national security and in relations with foreign governments. If he decides it is in the best interests of the United States to reveal certain information to a potential adversary in order to defuse the potential for war or armed conflict, he is the only person who can do so. Secondly, eyewitnesses to the discussion, persons with the highest reputations for honesty and integrity, who possess the highest security clearences in government have said the President did not disclose classified information but merely talked about the many hot spots in the world and the necessity for all governments of goodwill to deal with them in a constructive and peaceful manner. But the democrats and their cohorts in the media will not accept this and will do whatever they can to bring this Republican President down whatever the cost. Nothing will please them anymore that to see the President impeached but this will not happen so they want interminable “investigations” over everything that the Administration does. They want a special prosecutor but where were they when Hillary Rodham Clinton was lying along with Susan Rice over the cause of the Benghazi attack which killed four Americans in service to their country and the Constitution.

Of course, they will not succeed because they are hypocrites and have shown by their incessant lying and failure to uphold the Constitution that they are the real enemy to the American people. What they fail to recognize most of all is that there is One who will judge them in the end and will not put up with their lies and obfuscations.

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One comment on “Truth – What is Truth?

  1. Those who walked from the meeting over to the Washington Post committed a crime of revealing classified information. It is tantamount to treason, undermining the president’s ability to conduct foreign policy, disrupting the relations he’s attempting to build. The sole end of the leak was to attack the president, and is therefore a clear and present danger to our national security. Were the leakers interested in protecting national security, they would have gone to the CIA and discussed the matter within proper channels.

    We are witnessing an attempted coup by leftists in the gov’t and media. Whether one likes or hates Trump, this kind of treasonous behavior is deleterious to a nation and is therefore a terrible sin.

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