Monsignor Sigalini: “Pope Francis mis-interpreted on Medjugorje”

Monsignor Sigalini: “Pope Francis mis-interpreted on Medjugorje”

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Michele M. Ippolito May 16, 2017

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“Pope Francis has not criticized Medjugorje, wrong who interprets his words in this way, read the text carefully and without prevention.” Monsignor Domenico Sigalini, Bishop of Palestrina, quoting the content of papal statements Returning from Fatima to Medjugorje.

Excellency, Pope Francis once again said that he did not like a posthumous Madonna and this time he explicitly approached his statements in Medjugorje …

“It does not look like a novelty. In the recent past he had said the same things, where is the news? I think, however, that he has not spoken badly or criticized Medjugorje as such. So, whoever interprets his words so wrong, read the text carefully and without prevention. ”


“On the truthfulness of the apparitions, Pope Francis has not expressed himself completely and completely, and we must wait too. He just entered the theme of modes and this seems to me different. However, in the text of his airplane interview, the Pope acknowledges that important and positive spiritual events are taking place in Medjugorje, such as numerous conversions. ”

What does it mean?

“That the Pope recognizes that the spiritual experience of Medjugorje with its fruits is good and in fact the results are the same. The proof is that he sent an envoy, the Polish bishop Hoser, to Medjugorje. Read the contents of Monsignor Hoser’s homily and his press conference: in both the Pope’s spokesman openly he emphasized the positive pastoral aspects of Medjugorje. ”

What are the effects of this continual stop and go on Medjugorje?

“The Pope, let us not forget, expressed himself in a press conference on the plane, with necessarily approximate language due to circumstances and place, typical of a quick interview. I’m sure when he has to say something definite and definitive, he will do it, but this does not seem to be possible at this time. Moreover, and I say it with the utmost respect, what pontiffs say in interviews or similar statements does not belong to the dogma of faith and the Church. Finally, indicate that believing or not believing in the Marian apparitions nothing adds or removes to the faith. ”

Sincerely, Our Lady as a Postman: The Pope does not seem too enthusiastic …

“He expressed himself that way and it is not for me to comment on the tone of the words. You probably do not like it, I do not know. I think it is always prudent to wait, because the Pope himself recognizes the goodness of the spiritual fruits of Medjugorje and that their experiences are positive. Otherwise why send us Monsignor Hoser? It would not make sense. ”

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7 comments on “Monsignor Sigalini: “Pope Francis mis-interpreted on Medjugorje”

  1. It seemed to be fairly clear from the “Our Lady of the Post Office” comment that Pope Bergoglio is not uncomfortable just with Medjugorje but with Marian apparitions and messages in general. He seems very irritated by progressive modernism being interrupted by the Blessed Virgin. The questions regarding Medjugorje or any other apocalyptic Marian messages or prophecies cannot be resolved by spontaneous or flip interview comments by a radical modernist pontiff. The pope’s opinion on the matter is really quite irrelevant.

    One strategy Bergoglio could consider would be sending out a few modernist Vatican bureaucrats to a press conference and issue a statement that all of the Medjugorje messages, warnings, prophecies, and secrets refer only to events in the past.

  2. Medjuhoax is merely a “fortuitous” tool of the Revolution. It’s been a cash cow for decades, which explains Establishment reluctance to blast this golden goose with both barrels.

    • One “extra benefit” from the hoax is the vast number of Catholics it has literally turned AGAINST paying stricter attention to Fatima.

      I heard one Medj-addict on EWTN radio last week who was literally incensed and on the verge of tears because last week all the media oxygen in the room was being taken up with the 100th Anniversary of Fatima, taking peoples’ minds away from the hoax in which that poor vexed soul was totally invested.

      • Yes, Medj. takes people’s attention away from Fatima, and some Medj. addicts say it is the continuation of Fatima, but it is very different.
        Medj. is very “tolerant” and “accompanying”, and I have serious doubts about some of the “conversions”, what they actually believe about the Church’s teaching and what they find permissible. Cardinal Schonborn as you know is Medj. positive.

    • “Thank you for having responded to my call”
      … for cash.

      • One of the first to respond to “my call” was the communist government of former Yugoslavia, who were so impressed by the number of pilgrims arriving that they gave the Medj. residents money to build small guest-house type hotels. The residents took this as another sign that the vision was authentic.

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