Pope: I’ll Be Sincere With Trump

Pope: I’ll Be Sincere With Trump

May 13, 2017 by Spirit Daily

From the Daily Republic:

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE – Pope Francis said on Saturday he would be “sincere” with U.S. President Donald Trump over their sharp differences on subjects such as immigration and climate change when the two hold their first meeting at the Vatican later this month.

But the pope also told reporters aboard a plane returning from Portugal that he would keep an open mind and not pass judgment on Trump until first listening to his views at their meeting on May 24.

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6 comments on “Pope: I’ll Be Sincere With Trump

  1. Somebody better have some sock puppets ready.

  2. On the other hand, Pope Francis might prefer Elmo.

    There should be a contest to guess whether Elmo, Cookie Monster, or some other Sesame Street character best fits the celebrity modernists.

  3. Pope says he’ll seek common ground with Trump, won’t preach
    [Hat Tip Drudge]
    ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) — Pope Francis says he won’t try to convince U.S. President Donald Trump to soften his policies on immigration and the environment when they meet this month, but wants instead to find common ground and work for peace.

    Francis said proselytizing isn’t his style – in politics or religion.

    Speaking to reporters while traveling home Saturday from a trip to Portugal, Francis said he would say what he thinks sincerely to Trump and listen respectfully to what Trump has to say.

    “I never make a judgment about a person without hearing him out,” the pope said.

    Speculation has swirled about what Trump and Francis will discuss during their May 24 audience, given Francis has already said anyone who wants to build walls to keep out migrants is “not Christian.”

    Trump, who made building a wall along the border with Mexico a signature campaign promise, responded by saying it was “disgraceful” that the pope would question his faith.

    Francis said that in talks, he always tries to find “doors that are at least a little bit open” where common ground can be found, particularly in peace-building.

    “Peace is artisanal. You do it every day,” he said.

    Asked specifically if he would try to soften Trump’s policies, Francis said: “That is a political calculation that I don’t allow myself to make. Also in the religious sphere: I don’t proselytize.”

    Trump will call on Francis mid-way through his first foreign trip, after visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel and before attending a NATO summit in Brussels and a G-7 summit in Italy.

  4. What are the odds that Bergoglio will be able to control his emotions, stay tongue-tied, and not engage in some progressive virtue signaling and posturing for the liberal media and his progressive Lefty followers? Isn’t it still “better to build bridges than walls”? Won’t there be some temptation for socialist meddling in politics and economics? Isn’t that the progressive modernist agenda of Vatican II and Liberation theology? We shall see….

  5. Don’t worry, Howl. I just FedEx’d a copy of this to HH as a reminder. It oughta work. It’s in a language he’ll “get.”

    “Sock it to me! Sock it to me! Sock it to me! Sock it to me!”

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