Pour tous mes amis: for your perusal


This is the diary of Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, STD from the final months leading up to and into the opening of Vatican II. The entire collection is available courtesy of CUA.

It makes for truly fascinating reading.

Monsignor was Cd Ottaviani’s peritus for the preparatory sessions preceding the (un)Council and in its earliest stages. He suffers no fool lightly and is bluntly plain-spoken about the Left throughout his commentary.

One of my favorite comments (paraphrasing here) was that St Pius X was the last great pope and was followed by evermore “tolerant” successors who appointed evermore stupid men as bishops.

John Vennari (RIP) introduced me to Monsginor’s work when he and I would meet up at the local seminary library, years back. John championed the great scholar and theologian in many articles and speeches.

I hope many of you avail yourselves of this rich, first person account of just how bad it already was at the tippy top of the Church, even before the (un)Council erupted.

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4 comments on “Pour tous mes amis: for your perusal

  1. This is a great document – and important. Thanks for posting it again, gpmtrad. My favourite comment: “I am afraid that they are going to foist a lot of nonsense on the poor Catholic people.”
    P.169 of Fenton’s notebook. [p.183 of PDF document]

    BTW, I think there’s a typo in the title. ‘Mes amies’ means ‘my [female] friends’ :)

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