For Cyprian, Reference for “Devil’s Advocate”

This is in response to a PM Cyprian sent requesting papal citations re. the Advocatus Diaboli and its absolute necessity in canonization processes. This is from the Cath. Encyclopedia under the topic, Advocatus Diaboli:

“…Prospero Lamertini, afterwards Pope Benedict XIV (1740-58), was the Promoter of the Faith for twenty years, and had every opportunity to study the workings of the Church in this most important function; he was, therefore, peculiarly qualified to compose his monumental work “On the Beatification and Canonization of Saints,” which contains the complete vindication of the rights of the Church in this matter, and sets forth historically its extreme care of the use of this right. No important act in the process of beatification or canonization is valid unless performed in the presence of the Promoter of the Faith formally recognized. His duty is to protest against the omission of the forms laid down, and to insist upon the consideration of any objection. The first formal mention of such an officer is found in the canonization of St. Lawrence Justinian under Leo X (1513-21). Urban VIII, in 1631, made his presence necessary, at least by deputy, for the validity of any act connected with the process of beatification or canonization.”

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2 comments on “For Cyprian, Reference for “Devil’s Advocate”

  1. Thank you, sir, that’s very kind of you. Happy Anniversary of Fatima to you.

    Lest anyone think we’re bringing this up because of the pope’s canonization of Jacinta and Francisco today, understand that it is merely coincidence. There is no reason to question the final disposition of those two holy children, as Our Lady Herself confirmed it in Her apparitions.

  2. My honor, amigo.

    You’re right to mention the coincidence of it being brought up today. It really is only that, coincidental. Saints Jacinta and Francisco attained unquestionable sanctity via extraordinarily heroic virtue quite some time before they were taken straight up into Heaven, as Our Lady assured them they would.

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