Confusion As Pope Indicates Belief In Early Medjugorje Apparitions

Confusion As Pope Indicates Belief In Early Medjugorje Apparitions

[The Medjugogues (as in “demagogues”) may have found an opening]

May 13, 2017 by Spirit Daily

From La Stampa (aboard papal plane: press briefing):

Question: In Fatima we have seen a great testimony of popular faith, the same one seen in Medjugorje. What do you think about the apparitions and the religious fervor they have aroused, since you decided to appoint a bishop delegate for the pastoral aspects?

All apparitions or alleged apparitions belong to the private sphere, they are not part of the ordinary public magisterium. For Medjugorje Benedict XVI instituted a commission presided over by Cardinal Ruini. I received the result, was composed of good theologians, bishops and cardinals. The commission’s relationship is very, very good. There were some doubts in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the dicastery considered it appropriate to send all the documentation, including opinions contrary to the Ruini relationship, to each of the members of the IV Fair (the monthly meeting of the Congregation). I received the notification on a Saturday, already late. I did not think it was right: it was like “auctioning off” the Ruini relationship, which is very well done. On Sunday morning, the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith received a letter in which I ask you to send to IV Fair those opinions against, to send them to me personally. These opinions were studied, all (underline: all). The relation Ruini affirms that it is necessary to distinguish the first apparitions, when the visionaries were small and says that it is necessary to continue investigating those. Regarding the presumed present appearances, the relationship presents its doubts. I personally am more evil, I prefer the Virgin Mother than the Virgin who becomes in charge of a telegraph office and sends a message every day. And these alleged appearances are not so valuable: I follow this as personal opinion. There are those who think that the Virgin says: “Come, on such a day, at such an hour, I am going to give a message to that seer.” Then, third point, is the spiritual and pastoral fact, the knot of the relationship: people who become, who find God, who changes their lives. And this not thanks to a magic wand. This fact can not be denied. Now, to see this, I appointed a good bishop (Monsignor Hoser, ndr.), Who has experience to deal with the pastoral part. At the end something will be said.

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5 comments on “Confusion As Pope Indicates Belief In Early Medjugorje Apparitions

  1. Facts are stubborn things.

    Bp. Zanic, a truly devoted son of Our Lady, PROVED that he was lied to by the children. Repeat, proved it. Period. And that was one month into the fraud.

    That’s enough to have ended the charade 36 years ago.

    But, oh, how the money rolled in.

    • I recall reading his assessment: at least a dozen solid reasons, each one of which was enough to deep-six the whole affair. Furthermore, once Pope Benedict defrocked Tomislav Vlasic, the creator of Medj, you think it would be done. But no!

  2. I know for a fact, because of our open conversation in a classroom that the late Fr. Benedict Groeschel, who promoted the apparitions was , as late as 2001, unaware that the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, under Benedict xvi, then cardinal Ratzinger, during the John Paul ii papacy had already released a document saying that there was “nothing supernatural” in the Medj. apporations. Fr. Groeschel had also been misinformed that E. Michael Jones had not visited Medj. before writing his book which exposed the lying and fraud at Medj. Fr. Groeschel was also unaware of E. Michael Jones’ video which displayed Cardinal Ratzinger’s Document.
    I personally disagree with E. Michael Jones that the apparitions are fake, although some lying and fudging has occurred mostly to smooth out inconsistencies..I agree with the prelates who have said Medj. apparitions are demonic. I was at first a skeptic, then a believer, then strongly convinced of the demonic nature of the apparitions after 4 pilgrimages/visits to Medj. including staying at a visionary’s home and witnessing an apparition there. I spoke to E. Michael Jones a few times on the phone regarding my experiences and opinions. My pilgrimages/visits to Medj. took place took place in the late 1980’s and in the 1990’s.
    I remember once saying to Fr. Andrew Apostoli that if any Pope ever approves the Medj. apparition, then this would be the confirmation for me that that person would be a false Pope. I believe that the Medj. apparitions are from the evil one and are designed to divide the Church, and to snare Faithful Catholics who otherwise followed the teachings of the Church, and who would otherwise not be paying attention to Medj. after Medj. was reviewed by then Cardinal Ratzinger. Medj. is a cult and an addiction. Many of the pilgrims I met there go there regularly, so the actual numbers of devotees, although significant, are inflated.

    • Jones did a good job, especially finding Fr. Vlasic’s concubine and kid. Another good compilation is from Br. Michael of the Holy Trinity who details the heresy, especially how the Gospa teaches that God doesn’t want everyone to convert to the Catholic faith. I don’t recall if it was Jones, but I read that Vlasic started the kids on a cultic sensual ritual game, e.g., lights out, feel around the room, discuss, i.e., extremely creepy.

      It’s Satanic, yes, but it’s also big bucks, as is the rest of the apparition/locution cult, e.g., Bayside, Scottsdale, AZ, Elyria, OH, Christina Gallagher, and promoter priests like Rene Laurentin, and more.

      • Another false teaching by the apparition appeared in a book by Fr. Rene Laurentin in the 1980’s which was in interview form. The children, quite young then were told by the vision that she wanted all of them to be priests and nuns , but she wanted them to choose and not be forced.
        Later at Medj, the older of the 2 boys ,Ivan, by that time a teenager told my group of pilgrims that the vision wanted all of them to be priests and nuns, but did not want them to be forced as was St. Bernadette of Lourdes. As it turned out all of the visionaries married. Ivan , to the best of my knowledge is the only one who entered a religious order seminary twice but was not able to do the academics, partly because of the long hours of prayer required of him by the vision. In spite of the fact that before the war in former yugoslavia, Medj. was like an anthill of priests and religious from all parts of the world, and clothed in every imaginable habit, offering invitations for the visionaries to investigate religious their orders…. none except Ivan ever even ‘tried out’. St. Alphonsus Liguori, doctor of the Church went to great lengths to explain that a vocation is the will of God, and not to follow one’s vocation is to make salvation very difficult for that person. Now if the real Blessed Mother had spoken to the visionaries daily during their formative years one would assume she knew what God wanted for them and would not want them to be anything other than what God desired, so the “Mary” in the visions was either poorly informed by God, or was just a really bad spiritual director…. or the vision was not the real Mary.

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