LGBT flags wave at Notre Dame

LGBT flags wave at Notre Dame

A rainbow flag hangs out of a window at St. Edwards Hall, a men’s undergraduate residence hall at Notre Dame.

From Report Card: Cardinal Newman Society News Roundup / May 12, 2017
Matt Archbold

As LGBT alumni from Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame Universities gathered on campus for the GALA-ND/SMC reunion, they were greeted with a number of “Rainbow Pride Flags” hanging from windows across campus.

Notre Dame’s student newspaper said the “show of support” from students and faculty was at least partially a protest of the upcoming commencement speech by Vice President Mike Pence.

“Students and alumni came together and said ‘we’re frustrated with the invitation of Mike Pence as the Commencement speaker on many fronts certainly,” one Notre Dame student who was involved in the flag distribution said. “Dealing with LGBT issues dealing with funding for conversion therapy, his passage of a restrictive [law] that didn’t include a civil rights exemption when it was first written [and] at one point his professed intent to enshrine marriage between one man and one woman as a constitutional amendment.”

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