Fatima Fake News at Crux

Fatima Fake News at Crux

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 11, 2017

In two days, Pope Bergoglio will be in Fatima for what will be little more than a day trip. There is no reason to expect any change in the regime of Fatima revisionism that has buried the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary along with the text of the Third Secret in which the Blessed Virgin undoubtedly explains the enigmatic vision of the “Bishop dressed in White.”

An article in Crux magazine’s online edition concerning the papal trip, by one Inés San Martín, confirms, with dreary predictability, the entire Vatican party line on Fatima.

“Regarding Russia,” she writes, “he’s [Francis] not expected to consecrate it to Mary’s heart on this trip, and for various political and ecumenical reasons, he’s not even expected to mention Russia. However, seeing that he’s on record saying he wants to visit the country, Francis is bound to at least think about the nation while in Fatima.”

Three Popes (Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI) have gone to Fatima without consecrating Russia. Francis will be the fourth. But at least San Martín admits what was already obvious: “various political and ecumenical reasons” have precluded the Consecration or even the mention of Russia by the Pope. But Francis will be “thinking” about Russia during his visit. What a joke.

San Martín writes: “A fourth recurring issue of the Fatima messages, that of world peace through Mary, will probably be front and center.” Just a moment: world peace through Mary is the promised fruit of the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. But that isn’t going to happen. Instead, we will hear pious but empty rhetoric about world peace through Mary, while the Pope and the bishops continue to ignore — for “various political and ecumenical reasons” — Her heavenly prescription to achieve precisely that.

San Martín ignores the mountain of evidence that the Vatican has suppressed a text explaining the rather enigmatic vision of the white-clad bishop (which Cardinal Ratzinger called “difficult to decipher”). She attributes justified skepticism concerning the Vatican’s disclosure to “pockets of Catholics here and there…” These “pockets of Catholics” included the late Mother Angelica who declared on live TV (May 16, 2001) concerning publication of the vision alone in 2000 that “I happen to be one of those who thinks we didn’t get the whole thing.”

San Martín refers to “the official Catholic interpretation” of the Third Secret, according to which the vision published in 2000 refers to “Pope John Paul II’s [sic] assassination attempt in 1981, which took place on the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.”

This is standard Fatima Fake News. During the Vatican press conference on June 26, 2000, when the vision alone was published, Cardinal Ratzinger declared flatly: “It is not the intention of the church to impose a single interpretation.” There is no “official interpretation” of the vision.

The notion that the vision depicts the 1981 assassination attempt is merely the ludicrous opinion of Cardinal Sodano, who seriously expected the faithful to believe that a vision depicting the execution of a Pope, bishops, priests and members of the laity on a hill outside a devastated city filled with corpses signifies John Paul II escaping death at the hands of a lone assassin in the perfectly intact Saint Peter’s Square.

Consider: if this is the best the Vatican can do by way of “interpretation” of the vision — an interpretation it admits is not binding on anyone — is it not obvious that the true interpretation, meaning Our Lady’s own explanation of the vision, is missing?

It has been a hundred years since the Mother of God appeared at Fatima, and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart She promised has yet to be seen. There is only one reason for this: the Consecration of Russia has yet to be done. Instead, we have seen nothing but the Vatican party line and the fake news of those in the Catholic press who parrot it.

That the Consecration will be done is certain. What is not certain is what will be left of the Church and the world when it finally happens.

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