South Korean bishop(s) milquetoastish messages to new president

[South Korean bishop(s) milquetoastish messages to new president]

Catholic World News – May 11, 2017

1. South Korea’s bishops call on new president to pursue peace

Following Moon Jae-in’s victory in the South Korean presidential election, the president of the bishops’ conference said that “we now need a leader who walks the path of true peace and justice, and values these principles even at a time of conflict and confrontation.”

“I pray that the new president may become a great leader, securing peace in the Korean peninsula and the development of the Korean people,” said Archbishop Hyginus Kim Hee-jong of Gwangju.

2. South Korean prelate urges move toward reunification

A South Korean archbishop has called upon the country’s newly elected president to work for reconciliation with North Korea.

Archbishop Hyginus Hee-joong Kim of Gwanzi said that he hoped President Moon Jae-in will “propose propose a clear vision and governmental management philosophy for the future which can make all Korean people in the North and South Korea reconcile and coexist in peace.”

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