Am I A Zombie Catholic?

I see the Faith in which I was formed diminished, indeed ridiculed by some wearing the robes of authority in the Church today. I will not name names – those people know who they are. But, I want to share with you my perspective of what is happening in the world and the Church today.
First, regarding the Faith, allow me to recount the manner in which I was formed. I had a totally Catholic education through college prior to 1962. I saw the Traditional Latin Mass replaced with a fabrication, a banal product of the moment, and the Baltimore Catechism relegated to the dustbin. I saw lay people receiving communion in their hands – the very Body and Blood of Christ which I as an altar boy was schooled to honor and protect down to the very last particle lest it be trodden upon by the masses. I saw priests and nuns, some of whom had previously been my teachers, discard their vows and habits become secularized and even get married. I saw the pastor of the church I attended as a boy convicted of sexual abuse of a minor and the church closed in the late 80s. Another pastor of a church I attended during the summer months on Cape Cod was alleged to have sexually abused hundreds of minors prior to his retirement. I saw the bishop of my current diocese (now bishop emeritus) refuse my request for the Traditional Latin Mass in the late 80s and reject the valid ordinations of the priests with roots in the SSPX and also refuse them canonical jurisdiction and recognition, which to this day is the policy of his successor who has posted a “Declaration” against them on the official diocesan website. The declaration can no longer be found on the website as of this date but I have saved it in pdf form in my personal files. So far as I know, the declaration remains the policy of the local Ordinary. (This happens because these priests refuse to follow the novel liturgical practices, especially the novus ordo missae, imposed on the masses since the close of Vatican II.)

Second, regrading the world in which we find ourselves, allow me to use my military background to comment on the situation. As most of you probably already know, the turmoil in the streets and the refusal to submit to legitimate authority is prevalent throughout the country. Lawbreakers abound and police are criticized for enforcing the law. Innocent lives are taken by those who use religion as a cover for world domination. But, most importantly, countries who have the means to literally destroy the planet in a thermonuclear war, and one that is obviously led by an insane person, is allowed to threaten the lives of any nation close enough to his nuclear missiles. In a word, mankind has the ability to destroy itself in a heartbeat and leaders of the nations concerned are arguing over perceived interference over campaign practices.

So, that is why I am upset and although I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD due to my experience in the Vietnam War, the primary “PTSD” I have experienced is because the Church, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church outside of which no one can be saved, has chosen to concern itself with “global warming” and other secular matters while we in a modern-day catacomb try to save our souls using the time-honored rules, doctrine and dogma of Holy Mother Church. Indeed, I find myself asking this question: Do people really believe in the afterlife and the fact that they will be judged for their actions on this earth? Do they really believe in the Commandments, the Tri-une God. the Laws of the Church, the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, the wafer that looks like bread but contains in its substance the Body and Blood of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity? Do Catholic clergy actually believe their mission on earth is to teach, govern and sanctify? Or, is this all a game? I suggest to you it is NOT a game and we had better get ourselves right with God and His Church before He decides He has seen enough.

God bless you for reading my plea for common sense in time of widespread apostasy.

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