FrankenPope-appointed cardinal ‘delighted’ at ‘LGBTQUEER pilgrimage’ to his Cathedral

FrankenPope-appointed cardinal ‘delighted’ at ‘LGBTQUEER pilgrimage’ to his Cathedral

[“De laudibus sodomiae (In praise of sodomy)”: The “new normal*” in New/Am/QueerChurch]

[*To paraphrase the Urban Dictionary’s definition: A term or slogan to describe the disgustive, disruptive, distrustful, and/or dangerous world or church]

Lisa Bourne

NEWARK, New Jersey, May 9, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Joseph Tobin says he is “delighted” an LGBT group will make a pilgrimage to his archdiocese’s cathedral.

In fact, the cardinal archbishop of Newark personally approved the group’s flyer for the event, according to

“I am delighted that you and the LGBTQ brothers and sisters plan to visit our beautiful cathedral,” Cardinal Tobin wrote to the LGBT group.

“You will be very welcome!” said Cardinal Tobin. “The flyer is fine; please circulate it.”


James Goodness, director of communications for the Archdiocese of Newark, told LifeSiteNews that’s Cardinal Tobin quote was from an email the cardinal sent to a fellow Redemptorist, the cardinal’s religious community.

Redemptorist Father Francis Gargani had made the inquiry, reported, and received the email confirmation of welcome from Cardinal Tobin.

Goodness also said that what has been missing in most of the coverage on the cardinal’s communication is the crucial element of welcome.

“The Cardinal was asked whether he might welcome a group of pilgrims who identify as LGBT,” Goodness said. “He said yes, we welcome all in the name of Christ. He is not concelebrating or preaching at this private event. He will simply offer a word of welcome as he would do for other groups of pilgrims.”

The welcome was the product of an inquiry on behalf of the Interparish Collaborative, a group of some 15 Catholic parishes in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area with LGBT ministries.

Father Gargani, who resides at the Redemptorist Provincial House in Brooklyn, has regularly given LGBT retreats. He will say Mass for the May 21 “LGBT Pilgrimage to Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart” in the cathedral chapel.

The LGBT pilgrimage is co-sponsored by Sacred Heart Parish in South Plainfield, in the Diocese of Metuchen, and the Church of the Precious Blood, Monmouth Beach, in the Diocese of Trenton.’s coverage of Cardinal Tobin’s welcome to the LGBT group was picked up and shared on Facebook by America Magazine Editor-at-Large Jesuit Father James Martin.

Father Martin, who was recently appointed by Pope Francis as a consultant to the Vatican’s communications office, praised the cardinal’s LGBT welcome.

Father Alexander Santora wrote the article. A frequent contributor, the priest of the Newark archdiocese had written another column in 2015 in which he praised the late Jesuit John J. McNeill, the founder of the dissenting so-called “gay” Catholic movement.

“Pope Francis ushered in a new era of welcoming gays when he uttered that famous rhetorical question, ‘Who am I to judge?’” Father Santora wrote regarding Cardinal Tobin’s welcome of the LGBT group to the cathedral. “And laity, religious, deacons, priests, bishops, and now even cardinals, and are taking it to a new level of acceptance.”

LGBT activist group New Ways Ministry was also among those praising Cardinal Tobin’s welcome.

“It is so good to see that a cardinal is eager to extend a welcome to a group of LGBT Catholics,” the group’s blog stated. “Indeed, his example should be emulated by others. If bishops want to make Pope Francis’ message of welcome tangible to LGBT people, more instances like this need to take place. God will surely bless this beautiful initiative!”

Pope Francis named then-Indianapolis Archbishop Tobin a cardinal last fall. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Cardinal Tobin would lead the Newark archdiocese, the first cardinal to do so.

In November, Cardinal Tobin criticized the dubia from four cardinals requesting clarity from Pope Francis on the intent of his Amoris Laetitia document. Tobin referenced the request as “troublesome” and said reducing the document to a dubium was “at best naïve.”

Regarding the possibility of women deacons, “I’m hopeful,” Cardinal Tobin told a women’s conference in October.

In 2011 as Secretary for the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Tobin was critical of the Vatican’s handling of its investigation of some U.S. women’s religious orders.

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3 comments on “FrankenPope-appointed cardinal ‘delighted’ at ‘LGBTQUEER pilgrimage’ to his Cathedral

  1. Let’s not forget this is not new . A well known homosexual, Montini was elected Pope , took the name Paul VI , ushered in Vatican II, and ushered in the reign of homosexuals in the seminaries and the priesthood . They then became Bishops. Cardinals, and Popes. Now that it becoming “exceptable ” to be sodomites, the flood gates are opening and the queens are emerging! Yes the Pope is the Pope , but so what, he rules over and is surrounded by a bevy of “Drag Queens 👸 ” . Montini will soon be the Patron Saint of the Queens of Drag . Why is anyone surprised 😳 on the goings on, with this group of homosexual Church Clergy from the Pope on down ! Salvation from these clowns 🤡, I think not !

    • There were sodomites in the seminaries and pederasts in the priesthood long before Paul VI Montini appeared on the scene. For example, google Richard Ginder. See also Randy Engel’s writings online or in-print, although some of her sources are unreliable. Many under and around FrankenPope look more effeminate than swishy. The liberal media apply swishy to the likes of Cardinal Burke with his penchant for traditional clerical/liturgical attire especially the red cappa magna. The same media for the same reason would call Benedict XVI rather than Paul VI the patron saint of clerical dragsters, although Benedict has not worn the cappa as Paul did. They can also go back to earlier popes (especially during the Renaissance) for such charges and stories, some real but many others false or exaggerated.

  2. Sadly this goes back even further. St. Peter Damian wrote “Liber Gomorrhianus” in the 11th century because of all of the homosexual and other perversion that was going on in the Church by priests and others at that time.
    The difference being back then you had the majority of popes and bishops who would take action against this.
    Today the majority of popes and bishops either ignore it or promote it.

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