Fatima Perspectives: nos. 1000 and 1

Fatima Perspectives: nos. 1000 and 1

In the May 3rd Fatima Perspective, Christopher Ferrara celebrates the 1000th issue since January 2001. He references no. 1 and gives a chronology of “landmark events” relating to Fatima and the Church during that period and concludes:

This much I view as certain after sixteen years of following Church affairs from the Fatima perspective: events in the Church and the world are aligning for a dramatic resolution of both the ecclesial and the related civilizational crisis that now confronts us. As the Church goes, so goes the world. This indeed is what we see in the Third Secret vision published in 2000: a persecuted Church, a murdered Pope and hierarchy, and a devastated city, filled with the dead.

This too must be viewed as certain, however: “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.” Given Our Lady’s infallible promise, faithful Catholics must never cease promoting the authentic Message of Fatima, whose glorious fulfillment will come only with the Consecration of Russia to that same Immaculate Heart.

The day after (May 4th) Brian Kelly of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire, posted an article “Vatican Cardinal Gives the Reason Why Russia Can’t Be Named in Papal Marian Consecration: for the sake of human respect [that] it would offend the Russian Orthodox and impair Vatican diplomacy” on its website Catholicism.org noting and referencing Fatima Perspective no. 1, the complete text of which is below:

Vatican Admits… Russia Deliberately Omitted From Consecration Formula

by Christopher A. Ferrara

For years Father Nicholas Gruner has been saying that the reason the Pope failed to mention Russia in the 1984 consecration ceremony is that his advisors told him not to do so, because it would offend the Russian Orthodox and impair Vatican diplomacy. Thus, for the sake of human respect the Vatican has not followed the precise request of Our Lady of Fatima.

We now have confirmation that Father Gruner is right. In the November issue of Inside the Vatican, a leading cardinal, identified only as “one of the Pope’s closest advisors,” is quoted to the effect that “Rome fears the Russian Orthodox might regard it as an ‘offense’ if Rome were to make specific mention of Russia in such a prayer, as if Russia especially is in need of help when the whole world, including the post-Christian West, faces profound problems…” The same cardinal-advisor added: “Let us beware of becoming too literal-minded.”

No, we mustn’t be too literal-minded about the requests of God, delivered by His Mother and confirmed with an unprecedented public miracle witnessed by 70,000 people.

Let me see if I understand the Vatican line correctly: The “consecration” of Russia was accomplished by a ceremony which deliberately omitted any reference to Russia! I see. We are expected to believe that Russia was consecrated by means of a ceremony designed precisely to avoid any suggestion that Russia in particular needs to be consecrated!

Yes, and I am the Emperor Napoleon.

Well, there we have it: the men of the Vatican evidently consider themselves more prudent than the Mother of God. According to Inside the Vatican the Pope’s advisors have literally amended Heaven’s request to avoid giving offense to men as if Our Lady of Fatima had committed a breach of etiquette by requesting the consecration of Russia in the first place.

Nearly seventeen years after the putative “consecration” of 1984, Russian society continues to unravel. Catholics comprise one-tenth of one percent of Russia’s population “less than in 1917” while Muslims comprise 9%. The second largest religious affiliation after Orthodoxy is atheism.

If this is the conversion of Russia promised as the fruit of the consecration, I would hate to see Russia’s apostasy. We must not miss an opportunity to bring to the Vatican’s attention the continuing and ever-deepening consequences of this stubborn refusal simply to let the Pope do what Our Lady of Fatima requested.

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