Vatican official criticizes title ‘Pope emeritus’

Vatican official criticizes title ‘Pope emeritus’

[Time to emeritize the title “Pope emeritus” so that we don’t soon have another one – this time running around Argentina and elsewhere? The current Pope non-emeritus says that if he had not been elected Pope, he would have returned to Buenos Aires, resigned as Cardinal Archbishop, and “retired” to a priests’ group home, where he had reserved a suite to use as a base of operations for “activity” in the area]

Catholic World News – May 04, 2017

The president of the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization has said that he objects to the use of the title “Pope emeritus” for Benedict XVI.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella said that the title “theologically creates more problems, rather than solving them.” He said that he respects the title, but “I will not use it.”

The former Pontiff himself has indicated that he was not happy with the title, and wanted to be known simply as “Father Benedict,” but did not have the strength to resist demands by Vatican staff members.

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One comment on “Vatican official criticizes title ‘Pope emeritus’

  1. Yeah… and Pope Benedict after 4 years still hasn’t been able to get a decent cardinal’s cassock made for him, so he continues to wear the papal white because – as it was explained – “there wasn’t anything at hand for him to wear when he resigned.” Yeah, that’s the story.
    Somebody is not telling the truth here. Was the office of “pope emeritus” a new expansion of papal power spawned in the mind of Ratzinger (as his close confidant Gaswein has maintained) or was the title and trappings involved “forced” on the elderly former pontiff by a staff that couldn’t “let go”? Curiouser and curiouser… Perhaps we’ll never know the whole story this side of eternity, but I am getting tried of this back and forth over whether this is what Ratzinger wanted or not.

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