More on your Pope

More on your Pope

From Like Two She-Bears on 42 Little Kids… and the Pope

By Tim Capps – May 04, 2017

Now, about Pope Francis. The Bear is not finished with his thoughts on the uniqueness if one Jorge Bergoglio, or the unprecedented damage he is doing to the Church, or the many reactions Catholics may have to him.

Once again, the Bear respectfully differs with those who see Francis in terms of other popes throughout history. History ain’t what it used to be. For all we know, we may have ushered in the era of “courtesy canonizations.” We live in really, really strange times. Just look at our politics. There is a difference not only in quantity, but in quality of public discourse. There has always been yellow journalism. Now we all bleed yellow ink.

The Bear said “the many reactions Catholics may have to him,” because there seems to be a continuum. One need look no further than the opinions on the internet.

1. Pope Francis is the respected successor to St. Peter, and, as such, is due slightly more veneration than was Emperor Hirohito in his day.

2. Pope Francis may have a wobble in his orbit, but his ordinary magisterium remains just as worthy of respect and assent as any pope’s. That’s the LAW. (Query: if the answer is that we need pay attention only as far as he is right, i.e. in line with other popes, then do we have to memorize Denziger, and how do we know those popes were right? Seems a bit over-engineered for a bunch of Galilean fishermen, if you ask the Bear.)

3. Pope Francis can do no damage to the Church short of infallibly declaring some abomination before the Lord an Article of Faith, which is not going to happen.

4. Look, you don’t have to pay attention to everything the old fellow says. Only the big stuff. (Like homosexuality and divorce?) The Church will be protected by God.

5. Whatever you think about Pope Francis – and let’s admit he’s a few steps short of a tango – he remains THE POPE. Whom one must NEVER criticize. (Paging Michael Voris.)

6. Entertain your private doubts, if you must, but you’re in danger of heresy, and in any case must never, ever criticize him for fear of starting up the Know Nothings again.

7. Rome, we have a problem. Prudence and good taste dictate, however, that we do not speak of il Papa’s delicate condition.

8. We have never quite seen anything like Jorge Bergoglio’s disconnect with the deposit of the Faith nor his willingness to perform end runs around around the Church itself via incessant media exposure. The man is a menace.

9. No REAL pope would spout half the nonsense he does. Pope Benedict is still at the wheel and Bergoglio is flat out an antipope.

10. No REAL CHURCH would ever elect someone as evil as Jorge Bergoglio, so he is Exhibit A in the case for sedevacantism.

11. Jorge Bergoglio is nothing less than Damien in his old age. He is evil. In fact, he is at the very least the FALSE PROPHET. In other words, a cosmic player in the end times.
We had a good run, but the warranty has expired on the Church. Time to become one of those Protestants that get salmon and honey while the praise band is warming up. (Do not tempt Bear.)

12. The Bear submits that everyone reading this blog is somewhere along this continuum.

Report your number, should you feel brave.

There is another position to take, one that may be closest to that of the Bear. Life is short. There is not much excuse for getting any of the Really Big Questions wrong. We could do worse by whistling past the pontificate of the eccentric gentleman from Argentina and keeping our fingers crossed that someone with less ambition to change the Church than Martin Luther gets to be pope next time. (Outh-say Mera-kay is a no-no.)

In other words, we’re pretty sure committing adultery is really wrong, and you must still be in a state of grace to receive Holy Communion, and Sodom did not get God’s Lifestyle Seal of Approval for 3123 B.C. Some things are best left to God while we muddle along the best we can in our day-to-day lives even if it appears that the wheels are coming off the Barque of Peter. (Yeah, the Bear said that on purpose.)

In terms of logic, the sedevacantists would seem to have the best case, as their position neatly solves most apparent problems. (Factually may be another matter, but in any case, that’s a plump horse of another color.)

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  1. Have to say I’m a solid 8.

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