Leading prelate affirms French bishops will not endorse presidential candidate, but …

Leading prelate affirms French bishops will not endorse presidential [but …] candidate

Catholic World News – May 04, 2017

In an interview published May 3, the president of the Bishops’ Conference of France affirmed the conference’s 45-year-old practice of not endorsing a presidential candidate.

The first round of presidential voting took place on April 23, and a runoff will be held on May 7.

The task of the bishops’ conference, said Archbishop Georges Pontier of Marseille, is to remind Catholics “what our faith invites us to take into account,” such as “respect for the dignity of every human person … the importance of the family … the need to respect freedom of conscience, openness to the world, fair distribution of wealth, access to work, to housing.”

Each Catholic, he continued, is called upon to weigh these criteria and vote according to his conscience.

The prelate also cautioned against single-issue voting and against abstaining from voting. “I repeat the importance of the vote,” he said; “so many people are deprived of it!”

[But elsewhere in the ranks of FrogChurch …]

33 Catholic associations publish a platform against The National Front – Would the torch burn between Catholics?

[Hat-tip to ChurchMilitant: “33 Catholic Social Justice Groups Oppose Le Pen”]

Google translation of 33 associations catholiques publient une tribune contre Le Front National – Le torchon brûle entre catholiques?

Cyril Brun – May 03, 2017

While the episcopate , like the Pope did not want to give instructions to vote, 33 associations displaying themselves as Catholics publish in La Croix a tribune rejecting the National Front.

Some bishops have spoken on their behalf, other clergymen have set up an Antioch collective in favor of the frontistic vote.

But the seamless coat seems to tear more and more. In Rennes Catholics have warned their archbishop that they would give their denier to a “non-Macronist” diocese, while others have announced that they no longer give to the signatory associations of this tribune.

The Order of Malta after issuing a statement in favor of Emmanuel Macron finally withdrew it yesterday.

It is likely that this election will leave lasting open wounds among Catholics and within families.

The list of signatory associations (below) shows, whether we like it or not, the political divide between a left-wing Catholicism and a more right-wing Catholicism, without needing to go to extremes.

List of Signatories: Catholic Action of the Children (ACE), Catholic Action of Women (ACF), Catholic Action of Independent Media (ACI), Catholic Workers’ Action (ACO), Apprentis d’Auteuil, Association of Catholic Relief Cities, Christian Committee Solidarity with the Unemployed and the Precarious (CCSC), Center for Research and Social Action (CERAS), CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Catholic Center of French Doctors, Christians in the Rural World (CMR), Christians in Public Education , Catholic Delegation for Co-operation (CCD), Christian Entrepreneurs and Leaders (EDC), Ethics and Investment, Studies, Federation (CHC), Confrontations (Association of Christian Intellectuals) (JSI), Youth Christian Workers (JCS), JRS Fr., Youth Workers’ Union (JSI), JRS Fr. , Christian Movement of Christian Youth (MRJC), Order of Malta France, Pax Christi, Scouts and Guides (MCC), Christian Movement of Retired Persons (MCR) France, Catholic Relief – Caritas France, Social Weeks of France, Vicariate for the Solidarity of the Archdiocese of Paris, Living Together the Gospel Today, See Ensemble.

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