You’re All A Bunch of Murderers!

Whoa! Back up the truck! Who you talkin’ about. dude? I’m talkin’ about you, you LGBTQ-WXYZ-ers and Congressmen and Senators who vote to fund the murdering, that’s right Murdering, taking the life of innocent babies in the womb. And, most particularly, those who continue to call themselves “Catholic” and who summarily disregard the Fifth Commandment of Almighty God: “Thou shalt not kill!” Those pharisaic priests, bishops and cardinals and, quite possibly the pope himself who refuse to punish you for your actions or, maybe more appropriately, your lack of actions in defense of the Natural Law, the US Constitution, the Catholic Faith and human life. Even at the top of the secular government, we have the President bowing to demands of the liberal Left and refusing to defund Planned Parenthood – who use our tax dollars to take innocent Life.

What are we to do about you? I’ll tell you: we shall speak against you when it comes time for you to be judged and make no mistake about it: “You will be judged.”

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One comment on “You’re All A Bunch of Murderers!

  1. Amen Brother ! Trump and the GOP got rolled ! This budget is a disgrace! Ryan is a big problem ! He needs to go before anything gets accomplished! The GOP is morally corrupt! Funding Planed Parenthood is equivalent to funding murder !

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