“I’m going to conquer the world through the Missa Luba – one rapper at a time!”

“I’m going to conquer the world through the Missa Luba – one rapper at a time!”

Posted by Susan Matthiesen on May 2, 2017

Snoop Dogg, soon to be history Well, maybe not the whole world, but just my own corner of it, but if all good people would follow my suggestion maybe we’d at least get rid of rap filth blaring through car speakers. How many times have we been at stoplights or in parking lots only to have a car roll up behind or beside us and suddenly we feel our cars vibrate as if an earthquake is happening? We hear the deafening boom boom of drums and revolting death, drug and sex related lyrics of filthy smut.
I finally decided that I’d had enough! I go to the local Goodwill and often see an electrician friend there. Actually he’s the father of my granddaughter’s best friend and I’ve met him several times at my daughter’s house so we’re practically family. Anyway, he and I occasionally bump into each other at Goodwill and ask if the other has found any “good finds” lately. One day I told him I needed advice…that I was looking for car speakers but didn’t know how they would be attached and that since my car is small I didn’t want giant speakers.

He told me that smaller speakers were available and it was an easy fix getting them installed, then asked what I wanted them for. I told him I was sick of listening to vile rap and wanted to do something, to counteract that by playing good music – loudly. Anywhere there were people as a captive audience. At stop lights and gas stations. Slowly driving into a parking place at the mall, at the grocery store. Just like the rappers do. He laughingly accused me of being a trouble maker but said he’d be glad to keep an eye out at Goodwill for speakers. He would buy them if he saw any and I’d repay him later. I hope he knows that I’ll be asking him to install them also!

Once the speakers are installed I plan to insert the Missa Luba – the Muungano National Choir Kenya version. The Missa Luba is the Latin Mass sung in styles traditional to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Have any of you heard that? It’s beautiful! The Kyrie (first song on track one on the music video below) is especially beautiful with mens’ and women’s voices singing, alternately answering one another. The mens’ voices are so masculine, the womens’ so feminine, each answering back and forth to the other. It gives the message from Gen 1:27 – Male and female He created them.

It has the drums, the beat, the voices – but instead of leading people hearing it into sin, it elevates the mind to God through the beauty of music and the Mass. Personally I think rappers will love it! Who knows, maybe they’ve never heard anything else but rap. Maybe at least one rapper will listen and be converted. Maybe he’ll go back to his gang and say, “Hey! Listen to this – it’s God rap and we’re going to play that from now on.”

So please join me! Get your speakers installed, choose your favorite Catholic CD and let’s go slay the rap dragon out there.

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5 comments on ““I’m going to conquer the world through the Missa Luba – one rapper at a time!”

  1. I have a copy of the recording by the original group, Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin (King Baudouin’s Troubadours), a choir of adults and children from the Congolese town of Kamina in Katanga Province of the then Belgian Congo.

    I have always been fascinated by it and other settings of the Latin Ordinary of the Mass in different times and places – from Gregorian Chant through Renaissance polyphony (especially of Palestrina) through 18th and 19th century “classical” Mass settings (such as those of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and especially Bach’s Mass in b minor) and 20th century modern music Mass settings (such as Stravinsky’s Mass with all its Neoclassic dissonance).

    Nonetheless, I exclude Leonard Bernstein’s post-Vatican II (1971) Mass (but with a pre-Vatican II format) as a travesty.

  2. Its very pretty music. However, my view on the matter is that to each part of the world God sent different Rites. The Rite most appropriate for Africa–especially Eastern Africa- is the Alexandrian Rite, because it derives from Alexandria Egypt. In Egypt, the Rite is referred to as the Coptic Rite with the traditional Coptic [Ancient Egyptian] language. As an offshoot from the Coptic Egyptian Rite, the Ethiopian Ge’ez Rite is also referred as another usage of the Alexandrian Rite. Ethiopia has a Christian Tradition older than Rome, since Ethiopia, with its capital at Axum, was the second nation to declare themselves a Christian State [the first one being Armenia]. The colors of most black African flags were taken from the 3 colors of the Ethiopian Flag, which had its origin in the colors of the Ethiopian Church. Green is the traditional color representing God the Father, since He created the world and its grass. Yellow is the traditional color of God the Son, because yellow represents the light of the Resurrection. And Red is the color of the Holy Spirit, because of the tongues of fire that descended on the 12 Apostles.
    St Dismas The Good Thief was an Egyptian, and was an African. The first to enter Paradise.
    St. Matthew the Apostle was martyred in Ethiopia. His body was buried in Ethiopia, until a time Europeans took the bones to Europe.
    St. Athanasius, the Great Defender of our orthodox Teaching on the Trinity and the Nature of Christ was born and lived his life in Egypt, Africa.
    Ethiopia was the first country mentioned in the second Chapter in Genesis.
    Moses’s Wife was Ethiopian.
    The Families of the Ethiopian Kings were blood-line descendants of King Solomon.
    It is this Tradition which Marxist regimes, and pro-Enlightenment colonizers and NGOs tried to suppress.
    Christianity is not a European or White Man’s Religion. Christianity is First African, before is European. And since the Alexandrian Rite was brought to Alexandria through St. Mark the Evangelist’s missionary work there, it is most appropriate that the Alexandrian Rite develops were it was meant to develop, as the uniquely African Rite of Christianity.

    • Those are the churches of North Africa and the Middle East which predate the colonization and concomitant Christianization of sub-Saharan Africa by West European countries who brought their own Roman rite, starting with the Portuguese in the 16th century and followed later by the Spanish, French, Belgian and English (yes, Prot England allowed Roman Catholic missionaries into its African territories).

      Other than the Copts into Ethiopia, those Eastern churches did not penetrate into sub-Saharan Africa. Thus, the indigenous Catholic Church there (and fast-growing in world Catholicism) is that of the Roman rite.

  3. The expansion of Christianity from Ethiopia to West and South Africa was hindered largely by the Muslim Invasions. While Egypt was occupied by the Arabs, Ethiopians fought and resisted occupation. But the expansion of the Roman Rite into Western and Southern Africa is regarded by many as a characteristic and consequence of Cultural Colonization. As some occupiers try to wipe out all vestiges of memory of a conquered people’s prior culture to break any resistance, so too, it appears often that Christianity and conversion to Christianity is identified as imported and as a tool in keeping the people submissive. The Alexandrian Church is viewed as something authentic and home-grown. It blocks the cynical critics of Christianity and blocks ISLAMIC arguments that Christianity is the African People’s enemy.
    While Western Africa is experiencing many conversions to Catholicism, it is wise to see that at the same time, Western Africa is also experiencing similar numbers converting to ISLAM. I wonder, instead, how much more enthusiasm and conversions to Christianity would occur, if this Christianity were of the authentic home-grown type. The reality is, that ALL sub Saharan African countries look to Ethiopia for civilization and leadership, as their model of growth and development. Just as Brussels is the Center of the European Union, Addis Ababa is the Center of African Union. Christianity is the true seed of genuine civilization. If the Ethiopian regime were to one day reunite with its Christian heritage, and be supported by the West, Christianity would project itself rapidly and much more profoundly as is the case now and today. And Islam could cease to spread and even disappear. I once took a Ghanaian friend to a Coptic Liturgy. He was baptized Protestant, but was never satisfied. He jumped from Church to Church. But when we left the Coptic Church the words I will never forget him saying is “I see now, for the first time, that Christ has also an African face. I am not afraid anymore to believe in Christ as do the colonizers. Because I now know Christ is not the God of the colonizers, but the God of us all”. For this reason, I have come to believe, the Alexandrian Rite was meant to be God’s unique gift to Africa.

  4. Boom boxing the sung prayers of the Holy Sacrifice of the mass out of the windows of the car while driving to the grocery store may be considered mingling the Sacred with the profane. I’m not sure if Our Lord would be pleased by that and bestow many graces on the audience. Just a thought.

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