Gone: Sicilian Auxiliary Bishop-Designate Renounces Appointment Because of Protests from Femi-Nunzies

Gone: [Sicilian Auxiliary Bishop-Designate Renounces Appointment Because of Protests from Femi-Nunzies]

From Gloria.TV News on the 2nd of May 2017

69 year-old Capuchin Father Giovanni Salonia, whom Pope Francis named in February as the new auxiliary bishop of Palermo, Italy, has withdrawn. His consecration had already been put on hold. According to the journalist Marco Tosatti, Salonia’s nomination caused protests among some superiors of female religious institutes. Allegedly even the superior general of the capuchins, Father Mauro Jöhri, opposed the nomination. Salonia had been presented as a partisan of the Francis Church.

Google translation of the article referenced in the above item for those who want more details in a stilted style of language:


27 April 2017

It is enclosed with a letter from concerned decided the thorny matter of the appointment – first announced and then locked – Father Giovanni Salonia in Palermo auxiliary bishop. As informed “Faro di Roma” , the site Catholic Hierarchy indicated as “uncertain date” that the order of the Capuchin named by Pope Francis, on 10 February, auxiliary bishop of the Sicilian capital. It may was quoted as hypothetical ordination month while they were specified the names of the consecrating bishops. As indicated celebrant was the Archbishop of Palermo, monsignor Corrado Lorefice, and as a co-consecrating major Gisana Rosario, Bishop of Piazza Armerina, and Giuseppe Costanzo, Archbishop Emeritus of Syracuse. It was noted, moreover, also the place where the celebration should have taken place, or in the cathedral of Palermo.

That will not happen. In a letter dated from Modica, on April 18, the father Salonia writes: “I am writing to inform you that I give in the hands of the Holy Father renouncing my consecration as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese. I accepted in a spirit of ecclesial service this challenging and delicate task, which, in unforeseen and unexpected way, I had been called. Rale appointment, while many had aroused feelings of joy and hope in someone else provoked intense negative feelings, with attacks on me unfounded, slanderous and inconsistent, but which may become subject to different forms of exploitation, including media type “.

Nothing is known officially of the charges brought, in secret, against the candidate to the episcopate; speaking at the Vatican of letters of protest from some of the top women’s religious institutes. According to information that has not be verified to determine their validity, it would seem that there would also be an intervention of the Minister General of the Order to dissuade the religious to carry out the procedure. But as often it happens in these cases, we are at the level of rumors, that you probably will never find an official seal.

The concrete is the renunciation – in itself a gesture certainly unusual – the candidate. “Starting a service to the Church in such a climate – he writes – I would have taken energy and serenity in carrying on the ministry to which I was called, and even more, would have disturbed the serenity and joy of the Church community. For these reasons, with the inner freedom of those who overshadows their rights in order to serve the Church and with the same ecclesial love with which I had accepted the appointment, I decided to give the episcopal consecration. ”

It now awaits the selection of a new candidate, after this misstep of the new management of the Archdiocese of Palermo.

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