Another Irish “Catholic” hospital agrees to provide legal abortion services

Another Irish “Catholic” hospital agrees to provide legal abortion services

[Supposedly, as one headline puts it, “to save lives”! What about the lives of the aborted babies?]

Catholic World News – April 26, 2017

St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, an institution administered by the Sisters of Charity, has agreed to provide legal abortions, as part of a deal that will make the National Maternity Hospital a part of St. Vincent’s.

James Menton, the chairman of the National Maternity Hospital, announced: “In line with current policy and procedures…, any medical procedure which is in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland will be carried out at the new hospital.” [Emphasis added: Including euthanasia when it becomes legal in Ireland!?]

In a related story, the Irish Independent disclosed that some abortions have already been performed at St. Vincent’s, under the terms of new Irish legislation allowing for legal abortion if the mother’s health is in danger.

Nevertheless, a representative the Irish Midwives Association said that members of her group did not want to work at a hospital with a religious affiliation. Ally Murphy argued that no religious order should be entitled to make decisions about the policies of a medical institution. [Or, as another headline puts it: “There is no place for any religious organisation in 21st century care”!]

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