Your Wish is My Command

gpmtrad on April 24, 2017 at 10:38 AM said:
NIN, you raise interesting distinctions.
The point about not judging the interiors is most apt. It’s impossible to do so unless the subject is entirely, formally outspoken and details the blueprint for his audience.
What is written down, whether by authorship or responsible quotation, is matter for inspection and serious commentary. Unless it is, outright public acts ( obvious defections, public silliness, etc. ) notwithstanding, the auditor is merely playing Karnak the Magnificent.
(Since I can’t for whatever reason post photos on AQ, perhaps someone will find, copy and paste the appropriate Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon photo… : – ) )

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One comment on “Your Wish is My Command

  1. Hiiiiiii-yooooooooooo!

    Thank you, O magnificent one!

    The envelope, please.

    The answer is “Ovaltine.”


    Ri-i-i-ip-p-p-p…. describe Oprah Winfrey in high school.

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