Bishops must end aid group’s funding for abortion, LGBT activist groups: pro-life leaders

Bishops must end aid group’s funding for abortion, LGBT activist groups: pro-life leaders

[Tell that to CanuckChurch’s AmChurch counterparts such as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholics Charities, and Catholic Relief Services (the latter two getting much of their money from the public trough to do the government’s bidding)]

Lianne Laurence

April 24, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s bishops must clean up or shut down Development & Peace in the wake of a LifeSiteNews investigation that revealed the Catholic aid organization funded pro-abortion and pro-homosexual activist groups in Latin American, pro-life leaders say.

“We can’t have Catholic money going to organizations that don’t have respect for human life from the very time of conception onward,” said Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life, pro-family political lobby group.

“It’s time for the bishops to shake this whole thing up and put into positions of authority people who are going to be careful about whom they hire and which organizations they give money to,” Hughes told LifeSiteNews.

“It’s totally shocking,” says Gwen Landolt, vice president of REAL Women of Canada.

The bishops should “cancel” Development and Peace as a Catholic aid organization and let the group “get their own money out of the Catholic Church,” she told LifeSiteNews.

“The thing has been taken over by its paid employees, and they’re running the show even though they’re supposed to represent Catholicism.”

Catholics “should be advised how abusive this is and how their money is not being used for ‘peace and development,’ but it’s used to kill unborn children and promote an agenda that is the antithesis of Catholic teaching,” added Landolt.

In an ongoing series of reports, LifeSiteNews journalist Matthew Cullinan Hoffman documents that Development and Peace funded at least seven organizations in south and central America that promote abortion and a pro-homosexual agenda.

This is not the first time LifeSiteNews provided evidence that the Canadian bishops’ international aid organization had funded pro-abortion, anti-family groups in developing countries.

In fact, as a result of those revelations, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) established a standing committee in 2010 to oversee Development and Peace, as Cullinan Hoffman wrote.

D&P thereupon stopped publishing the list of groups it supported and even went to court to block a freedom of information request for the list.

It’s evident from LifeSiteNews’ current investigation that “whatever action was taken previously was clearly insufficient, and since personnel are policy, more must be done,” contends Steve Phelan, director of mission communications for the Virginia-based Human Life International.

“We hope the bishops will take a closer look at the organization, realize that they are often not getting good information about what actually happens on the ground, and make the needed changes,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“As you see with the previous reports, there are some good people in organizations like Development and Peace, and some good bishops who are not sure what to make of the confusion,” observed Phelan.

“Unfortunately, we have seen too many times how deeply anti-life ideologies have worked their ways into many Catholic ‘development’ and ‘aid’ agencies,” he added.

“The entire aid industry is now built on the assumption that the top priority is to decrease population, and that even much of the best work has population control strings attached.”

Michael Hichborn, president and founder of the Lepanto Institute, sees the new revelations about Development and Peace as further evidence of widespread apostasy.

“The simple fact of the matter is that many Catholics, especially those in the social justice movement, have lost the faith,” he told LifeSiteNews in an email.

“If these people truly believed that there is Hell and that people actually go there for transgressing the teachings of the Church, no one at D&P or any other such organization would even consider working with pro-abortion groups, let alone funding them.”

But instead, the opposite seems to obtain.

“What we see happening at D&P is a microcosm of the much broader loss of faith throughout the Church,” Hichborn said. “D&P is doing what so many other Catholic social justice organizations throughout the world are doing.”

Indeed, the Lepanto Institute revealed in October 2016 that the American bishops’ international aid agency, Catholic Relief Services, was involved in distributing condoms and contraceptives, some abortifacient, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for four years.

The Lepanto Institute also provided conclusive evidence that Albrecht von Boeselager, third highest ranking official for the Knights of Malta, oversaw the distribution of condoms and oral contraception in developing countries.

But this demonstrable loss of faith is not confined to Catholic aid agencies, Hichborn asserts.

“We see Catholic politicians flouting Canon Law by openly promoting abortion, contraception and homosexuality during the week and receiving sacrilegious Communions on Sundays,” not to mention bishops and cardinals lobbying for Catholics who persist in living in “adulterous unions” to receive absolution and Holy Communion, he pointed out.

“It’s about time faithful Catholics just started calling this situation what it truly is; apostasy.”

Meanwhile, Canada’s bishops “appreciate” the information on Development and Peace and “would encourage you to engage D&P in an in-depth conversation, making use of this information to bring about improvement if necessary,” a CCCB spokesman told LifeSiteNews.

The bishops “are always concerned that the policies and partnerships that are formed by D&P do not undermine Catholic doctrine, ethics, and social teaching, and they support efforts on the part of D&P to vet partnerships carefully,” wrote Deacon René Laprise.

Campaign Life’s Hughes says he hopes this means the CCCB will act.

“At this time in the Church with so many people questioning where the Church is on all these different social issues, it’s imperative that the bishops speak up,” he said, “and make sure that what’s happening here is what should be happening, that it’s not some wishy-washy version of the Catholic faith, but that here is the Catholic faith.”

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