Jesuit “Catholic” Holy Cross College Students Push Expanded LGBTQ Acronym

Jesuit “Catholic” Holy Cross College Students Push Expanded LGBTQ Acronym

Student government launches ‘visibility project’ to boost left-wing concepts of sexuality

by Edmund Kozak | Updated 21 Apr 2017

The student government at the College of the Holy Cross is pushing an expanded acronym in place of LGBT or LGBTQ: “LGBTQIAP+.”

The acronym stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual,” and all the other non-heteronormative, non-cisgendered among us (that’s left-wing-speak for heterosexual people).

The acronym, which seems to have been first floated by liberals around 2013 or 2014, appears to have never gained widespread use, likely because of its comic unwieldiness.

According to the project’s Facebook page, its goal “is to raise up the voices of lgbtq+ Holy Cross students … Posters will be displayed around campus and on this page … featuring direct quotes from lgbtq+ students responding to seven questions.”

These include questions such as, “What does your sexual orientation and/or gender identity mean to you?”, “Are you ‘out’? Partially ‘out’? ‘In the closet’?” and “Are there parts of the lgbtqiap+ community at Holy Cross that you appreciate?”

One of the “Visibility Project” signs created and posted around the Holy Cross campus by student-government activists

These posters, which are apparently littered across campus, have even been seen “hanging in our main academic building right outside the Dean’s offices, right down the hall from the admissions office,” according to one student who provided photographs of several posters to LifeZette.

The College of the Holy Cross is of course, as the name suggests, a Catholic college, and one cannot help but think it might be just a bit problematic for such posters to be so close to the admissions office, surely within view of prospective students and their parents, many of whom might be faithfully Catholic.

Of course, the project doesn’t exactly appear to be popular with the student body.

Holy Cross has more than 2,700 undergraduate students. The “Lgbtq+ Visibility Project” Facebook event page has had a whopping total of 87 people RSVP that they are going or interested in going.

The project, which began on April 19, is scheduled to run until April 25, whereupon the Student Government Association will host a “debriefing.” One wonders of course what sort of information they’ll actually have to discuss, given that the entire project consisted only of hanging up posters for a week.

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  1. To be monitored by the Pansexual Office of Modernists Pushing Onanism and Metrosexualism
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    Vatican II just keeps getting more complicated.

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