Santa Fe archdiocese backs tax on soft drinks

Santa Fe archdiocese backs tax on soft drinks

[Binding under pain of sin?]

Catholic World News – April 21, 2017

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has given its approval to a legislative proposal that would place a tax on soft drinks, with the proceeds to be used for early-childhood education.

“The soda tax is a good attempt to address the dire conditions in which our children are living,” the archdiocese announced in a public statement. The proposal would place a 2¢-per-ounce tax on sugared beverages, aiming to raise $7 million a year for educational programs.

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One comment on “Santa Fe archdiocese backs tax on soft drinks

  1. This is an absurd overreach by clerical modernists., debasing themselves with new virtue-signaling sin taxes. There is no basis for bishops to be involved in the regulation or taxation of soda, beverages, or food. How about an additional property tax of a thousand dollars per year on beach resort vacation homes for modernist clergy? How’s that for some real sin taxes?

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