Do I Have PTSD?

I start this post by referring the reader to the above link which is an account by an eyewitness to a tragedy that haunts my memory. You see, I was a lowly 0-3 in the 366th CSG which was in support of the 366th TFW on the east-side of Da Nang AB in the ’67-’68 time frame. My duties were to develop plans and procedures to protect the base and its resources from hazards caused by disasters of whatever type from enemy attacks to major accidents and natural disasters. I had one assistant, an E-6 who helped me in my duties. An excerpt from my “OER” for that period stated that I was performing my duties at the most “disaster-active airbase” in Vietnam. At that time we were called :”Disaster Control,” later called “Disaster Preparedness” probably because we couldn’t “control” anything and had to depend on EOD, the Fire Dept, Security Police, and Crash Recovery crews to accomplish anything. Civil Engineering also helped enormously in providing materials and crews to build bunkers, revetments and aircraft shelters.

Getting back to the matter at hand, however, I must ask why the B-52D which had two engines out, no flaps and both electrical and hydraulic failures was instructed by “whomever” to attempt to land on a 10.000 ft runway when they couldn’t get the wheels to touch until the 5.000 ft marker and, get this, they tried once and had to go-around a 2nd time because the heavy bird just wouldn’t land on such short space. And so, that morning as I tip-toed around the wreckage, I was confronted with the sight of two of my buddies still in their seats, blackened corpses ready for the morgue. You think I just might have what they call PTSD over that incident? Al Whatley, the tail-gunner and only survivor and I shall have these memories forever. Forgive me but this is the only way I can put these memories to rest for even a short time. God bless you for your prayers and concern.

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  1. God Bless ! The demons never leave ! A friend, who is much younger were talking about the demons yesterday and he was explaining how hard it was to sleep. He was a Marine sniper, with multiple deployments, and was wounded a few times ! We talked for an hour or so , and both came to the conclusion the demons never go away. We just learn to control them. Some do not. We have 22 of our brothers and sisters commit suicide each day. For them, the demons won. All we can do is keep fighting the demons and never let them get control. Do you have PTSD, probably, we all do, but we with Gods help, we keep fighting as we did a long time ago ? If we see the Lord, then we have won, and the demons lost.

  2. I’ll tell you who should have PTSD – John F. Kennedy. Robert S. McNamara, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and yes, William C. Westmoreland who sent us off to war and then tied our hands so we could not use the awesome weapons in our arsenal. Weapons that would have brought Ho Chi Minh and company to their knees in a heartbeat. It disgusts me to hear this so-called leader portrayed in the media as a Vietnamese demi-god. Not in my book! He was and always will be a communist dictator living off the backs of his people.

  3. I’m not the person to talk, but I’d suspect that one recourse would be to place your memories on the Immaculate Heart of Mary, especially on Good Friday at the foot of the Cross. Ponder how she knew every day for 33 years that her Son would die a terrible death.

    The pinko symps who let the commies win, JFK, LBJ, and more, and now the muzzie symps, BHO, HRC, all deserve to be severely punished. I hope Trump can restore morale in the military and return to the peace-through-strength approach.

  4. David Halberstram in his book “The Best and The Brightest “, concludes his book by saying, The Best thing we can say about LBJ, McNamara, Westmorland , et. al. , is that they were fools. ” General Giap the NVA commander did say they really never won a major battle, but won the propaganda war. They along with the KGB working and paying off leaders in the civil rights movement, to destabilize the US with marches and anti war propaganda, to turn the tide of American opinion against the war in Vietnam and they were successful. The US soldier did not lose the war, the cowardly politicians and anti war vermin protesters did. I saw first hand who was being paid by the KGB . Some are still alive and some have holidays named after them. It still pisses me off, that good men died while these cowards are remembered as heros or great leaders. Nothing ever is , as it appears ! “Book of Five Rings ” !

  5. I want to express my thanks to all those who have contributed to this post, especially those who have had the guts and moral fortitude to defend the actions of those who died defending their country and the principles upon which it was founded. Communism is apposed to Freedom whether in VIetnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea or wherever. It’s really that simple. folks, and those men and women who follow the legal orders of their superiors to defend freedom around the globe deserve our admiration and support but, most especially, our prayers.

    The Ultimate Judge will sift this all out at the Final Judgment – of that I am convinced. And He will ask those leaders who had the authority and the means to nip these struggles in the bud why they did not do so? So, all those with broken deformed, bodies and broken, disrupted families due to the consequences of War, will have their recompense I do believe. God bless.

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