The Vatican Bargains with the Devil… and Gets Burned Yet Again

The Vatican Bargains with the Devil… and Gets Burned Yet Again

by Christopher A. Ferrara
April 18, 2017

For months on end we have heard rumors of a “breakthrough” in the endless diplomatic negotiations between the Vatican and the Communist government of China respecting the status of the Catholic Church in that country. Since the 1950s, however, the regime in Beijing has persecuted the true Catholic Church, driving it underground, while purporting to operate an “official” church called the Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA), which has illicitly consecrated scores of bishops who are essentially puppets of the regime.

Although the CPA is the very definition of a schism, the Vatican continues to pretend it can somehow regularize this pseudo-church and reconcile its puppet hierarchy with the faithful bishops, priests and laity of the underground Church, who refuse to join Beijing’s diabolical construction.

The Vatican has apparently not learned the fundamental lesson that one cannot bargain with the devil. Beijing has absolutely no intention of permitting true freedom to Catholics in China and will never abandon its demand that they recognize the CPA and thus the same evil regime that not only oppresses them but also coerces women to have abortions.

And now we read a report in Asia News that the illicitly consecrated CPA bishop Zhan Silu has just concelebrated a Novus Ordo Mass with the licitly consecrated Bishop Taddeo Ma Daqin. As part of the ongoing negotiations with Beijing that were supposed to lead to a breakthrough, the Vatican had consented to Ma’s consecration as a bishop for the CPA. Having thus been duped, the Vatican watched helplessly as Ma was immediately dismissed from the CPA and placed under house arrest when he then refused to confer illicit ordinations of CPA priests by the imposition of hands together with one di Mindon, an illicitly consecrated CPA bishop, and refused to concelebrate Mass with di Mindon.

Now, however, Ma appears to have reconsidered his show of loyalty to the one true Church. As Asia News reports, Ma was allowed to concelebrate Mass with the illicit Bishop Zhan after he “seemed to retract his position, publishing various articles in favor of the CPA.” Thus Ma ended up doing precisely what he had rightly refused to do before. In other words, he submitted to Beijing rather than Rome. This development is a total mockery of the Vatican and its futile negotiations with the devil.

Worse, Vincenzo Guo Xijin, the true Catholic bishop of Mindong — the same diocese where Ma compromised his ecclesial loyalty by concelebrating with Zhan — is barred by Chinese state security from appearing publicly and has virtually disappeared for the past four months, as Asia News further reports. “It is very probable,” Asia News notes, that “Guo has been seized because he was opposed to the concelebration, which would have put him together with Ma and Zhan. In fact, the directive of the CPA, repeated many times, is that the CPA… decides who are the ‘valid’ bishops, not the Vatican.”

And yet the Vatican continues to bargain with the devil — a bargain that can only swindle the Church, as we have seen again and again with the Vatican’s efforts to placate communist regimes under the still-operative policy of Ostpolitik. Only one thing will change the Vatican’s disastrous course: the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the only remedy for what Our Lady of Fatima warned would be the spread of Russia’s errors “throughout the world,” including Communist China.

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