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April 19, 2017
“All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”

By Randy Engel

“You can fool all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all the time, but you
cannot fool all the people all the time.”
Abraham Lincoln
President Lincoln may or may not have uttered these words, but what is clear from E. Michael Jones’ book The Man Behind the Curtain – Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex is that the author didn’t believe them. Jones thought he could, indeed, fool all his readers all the time. And he almost succeeded.

Jones never mentions the words “Opus Dei” in his book on Michael Voris, nor does he identify any of the main characters as members or cooperators of Opus Dei, although he puts the two words in the mouth of Christine Niles, Editor-in-Chief of ChurchMilitantTV (CMTV) on one occasion when she denies that Voris has been funded or influenced by any outside group.

The truth is that every one of the main characters in Jones’ book – Voris, Father Paul Nicholson, Marc Brammer, and the author himself – is tied to Opus Dei in a concrete way and that the Jones’ tale is really a story of an Opus Dei media venture gone wrong.

Why the long delay in writing this exposé? After all, nearly a year has gone by since the e-book and magazine publication of The Man Behind the Curtain appeared in the late summer and fall of 2016. Unfortunately, I was mid-way through my investigation of the late Father Anthony Cipolla sex abuse case at the time and couldn’t begin any new project until the New Year.

So, by the time you read my story, the dust has pretty much settled on the matter. The public battle has ended and both combatants have gone back to their respective corners, taken off their gloves and left the ring – Voris to Church Militant.com in Ferndale, Michigan and Jones to his Fidelity Press/ Culture Wars home office in South Bend, IN.

However, as it so often turns out, the delay has worked out to my advantage. It has given me time to reread and study Jones’ uncharacteristically sloppy and disjointed missive; to exam the many public pro and con reviews of the book; and to conduct my own investigation of the tragedy. I trust my findings will help fill in many of the calculated as well as unintentional information gaps left by Jones in his rush to get his book to the Amazon marketplace.

In addition to Gary Michael Voris and Eugene Michael Jones, this article highlights the role of four other key players in the controversial affair – Marc Brammer, Frank Coan, Father Paul E. Nicholson, and Terry Carroll as well as a sundry of incidental actors in The Man Behind the Curtain.

Finally, this article shines the spotlight on what can best be described as an unseen entity that binds this tragic tale together – that of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

A Rocky Introduction to RealCatholicTV.com

For the record, while this writer has never subscribed to either RealCatholicTV.com (RCTV) or its successor, ChurchMilitantTV (CMTV) due to time limits and economics, over the years many subscribers have been kind enough to forward various segments to me for my comments. I generally try to oblige, as I certainly will try to do for readers of this column.

The fireworks between RCTV and this writer began on March 25, 2010, with a special edition of the network’s flagship show, The Vortex in which Senior Executive Producer Michael Voris provided an accurate litany of the many woes besieging the post-conciliar Church, but an inaccurate solution to meeting the crisis. He gave a ringing endorsement to Opus Dei as the entity which will save the Church. He used the term “holy intransigence,” a favorite expression of Father Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, and one rarely heard outside of Opus Dei circles. Yet Voris claimed he was not a member of Opus Dei and he got “nothing from anyone in any shape or form or manner to promote this group.”

Four days later, on March 29, 2010, I circulated a strong rebuttal to Voris’ promotion of Opus Dei by noting that the money-power cult is part of the problem, not part of the solution to the current crisis in the Church. I also challenged Voris to dedicate a segment of The Vortex to explaining why Opus Dei Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, who died in August 2015, was harboring the notorious clerical pederast, Father Carlos Urrutigoity, founder of the formally suppressed U.S.-based, Society of St. John. The e-mail gained international circulation.

Shortly after the e-mail reached RCTV, Simon Rafe, Senior Platform Administrator, issued a strong response stating: “Obviously, individuals like Randy can be safely ignored as they are heretics and schismatics in open rejection of the Church…” Since the poor chap did not know me from a hole in the wall, I presume some worm tongue had whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

To his credit, Rafe later apologized and retracted his charges, but added, “We do, however, stand by our support and endorsement of Opus Dei. We consider your identification of them as a “cult” to be rude, objectionable and slanderous towards a group recognized by and endorsed personally by the Holy Father.” His reference to “we” indicated to me that Voris continued his public support of Opus Dei.

From Rafe’s short e-mail and his lengthy full page e-mails to other Catholic critics of Opus Dei who had contacted RealCatholicTV.com, it was clear that Voris and Company stood four-square behind the Prelature.

For my part, I accepted Rafe’s apology and the Opus Dei matter was closed.

Voris on Homosexuals as Victim Souls… [ click link to continue ]

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23 comments on “Randy Engel re. E. Michael re. LaVoris re. OD re. etc.

  1. null

    Holy cannoli, Batman! This is a MUST read. Randy has done a whole lot of research, and … wow!

  2. Wow. Randy exposes Voris and E. Michael Jones as Opus Dopus media apostolates. She rips Jones to shreds for writing a book about Voris but not identifying the Opus Dopie who owned Voris, the same one who is a vice-president of Jones’ own apostolate!

    Randy ends with this:

    Opus Dei is not of God. It is of Satan. Opus uses the Catholic Church for its own ends which are money and power. Their secret, self-contained, self-perpetuating, and robotic conformity are indicative of a cult. In discerning the real nature of Opus Dei, one must not listen to what the Prelature says, but rather look at what it does.

    Amen, Randy. God bless you for all the digging you’ve done on OD and Jones and Voris.

  3. That Randy has some impressive research skills.
    Been sharing them with Cyprian?

  4. After a cursory reading, I don’t quite understand why Brammer would fund an apostolate (E. Michael Jones) that produces a book which unfairly maligns the producer of another apostolate (Michael Voris), both apostolates being funded by Brammer and covertly supported by the Opus Dei?

    • I think Randy is at a loss, too. This is what she says near the end:

      There are still many other unanswered questions about the men behind the Opus Dei curtain including a very basic question – Did E. Michael Jones really write The Man Behind the Curtain? I think the question list is endless.

      I don’t know the answers to all these questions and frankly at this point in the game I’m beyond caring. But I think I can say without contradiction that the charade is over.

      Jones and Brammer, Nicholson, and Voris and all their other associates as well as the Prelature of Opus Dei have played us all for fools, and Jones, at least, has made a financial killing on Amazon as part of the deal. How much we won’t know until he files his next 990 IRS form for Ultramontane Associates, Inc.

      What’s Opus Dei’s Endgame?

    • In business oftentimes a corporation will have two divisions which compete against one another, giving the false impression of being different choices – when in reality the $$$ ends up going into the same coffers no matter what the individual believes they are choosing.

      Think Matrix. That is, if you’ve seen the movies, recall when Neo finally meets the Architect wherein the man explains that this option of rebellion is merely offered and summarily controlled in order to give the percentage of mankind hardwired to rebel an avenue to vent their nature.

      I don’t see any incongruity with Jones attacking Voris. It’s like a run up primary election scenario. Get the constituency all juiced up and debating. That gets them involved and then, when the winner is chosen (pre-selected) all those zealously involved will feel compelled to back the lead against the greater evil.

      It’s sick really. Manipulating one’s fellows. Playing head games and tossing charity to the wind in an effort to achieve one’s own goals – the rise of Opus Dei – that, when you look at the application – is unconcerned with the individual soul. The same individual soul that Our Lord shed His Precious Blood to redeem.

      I pray Randy continues her dispassionate revelations to the benefit of all. Chief among that number being Voris, Jones, and all those Opus Dei termites seeking to build their own hill.

  5. IMO the rule to be followed by all such groups is : “By their fruits ye shall know them.” By this standard the SSPX is definitely “of God.” I believe most firmly that the Holy Spirit inspired Archbishop Lefebvre to establish the FSSPX as a counterweight to the liberal and progressive movements in the Church, otherwise known as the “synthesis of all heresies” according to St. Pius X. And, not only the FSSPX, but all the other groups and individuals who defend the traditional Magisterium of the Church and the Faith flowing from it.

    Does this mean that all the individual persons in such groups are de facto “Saints?” Of course not, but as the saying goes: “At least their heart is in the right place.” I believe God will be merciful in His judgment of them. Will He be merciful in judging those who, possessing “canonical jurisdiction,” deny that same privilege to those defending the traditional Magisterium and sacraments – like Jorge Bergoglio and company? An interesting and troubling question to be sure. Wouldn’t it be great if all these men thought of their judgment before God instead of how they are viewed by men?

  6. This was to distract attention away from the battle between the modernist faction in the Jesuits and the Ghibellines in the Knights of Malta holding out for a revival of the Hohenstaufen Dynasty to stabilize what’s left of Europe.

  7. This is why alchemical neo-Gnostic adepts from the Illuminati are using progressive modernist puppets like Bergoglio to spread confusion and disorientation. They knew if they could get modernist infiltrators in the Knights of Malta to distribute condoms and neo-Catholic modernists brainwashed in phenomenology in Opus Dei to support Communion for divorced and civilly remarried couples that they could reboot a Monty Pythonesque parody of the retro 1970s modernist Spirit of Vatican II and neutralize the Catholic Church from playing any effective role in saving civilization. The Argentine accent was added for comedy, in case they decided to turn it into a musical for Broadway.

  8. Posted by hereisjorgebergoglio on Thursday, April 20, 2017

    “All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”


    Opus Dei’s Windmoor Center, where Michael Voris met Marc Brammer.

  9. Canon Hesse stated flat out that Escriva admitted Communists into his cult without requiring of them any renunciation of their atheistic socialist beliefs. Canon Hesse was no idiot. He cited sources published by the Opie Dopies themselves!

    The OD goons are PROUD of what their theologically moronoic founder DID!!!!

    They published the information!

    • Interestingly, though, Fr. Hesse described Opus Dei as anti-clerical inasmuch as it exalts the role of the laity in the modern world, while de-emphasizing the role of the priesthood and religious orders. Fr. Hesse ascribed to Msgr. Jose Escriva de Balaguer a key role in advancing the importance of the role of the laity in the Church during Vatican II. It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy: anticipating the decline in priestly and religious vocations, while raising up the role of the laity in the Church.
      On the other hand, Randy Engel points out that the Opus Dei is in fact a priestly society, and suffers from its own brand of clericalism.

      • Interesting comment, Anthony.

        My understanding is identical to your own re. the exaltation of the unwashed (but profit driven, affluent) mob over clerics within the Opie Dopies.

        I have no problem with identifying it as an influential cult, like the Medjugoogoo and other charismatic profiteers or that papally-approved gang that has a “mass” with the congregants seated around a X-large pizza-sized “host” and only celebrates on Saturdays, along with lots of gyrating dancing and stupid platitudes. Thus, whatever the priests involved directly in or ancillary to OD do is of no special distinction among other cults when contrasted with Latin Rite priests doing what true Catholic priests have faithfully done since time immemorial.

  10. Where it can become disorienting and a source of confusion is when converts pass directly
    into its cult structure, bypassing contact or familiarity with normal, mainstream Catholic institutions. This can lead to a severe knowledge gap on Catholic matters or awkward encounters. Since Catholicism itself is NOT a mind control cult, with a paranoid atmosphere of suspicion and surveillance originating. apparently, from Spain in the Civil War and Franco eras, where some secrecy may have had some relevance politically, there is the potential for a lot of confusion. This is compounded by the disorientation from the modernist Spirit of Vatican II prevailing in many Catholic institutions which makes people vulnerable to cult-like organizations offering what appears to be conservative alternatives. The problem is with a hierarchical structure which gives some members access to privileges and knowledge of what is going on while keeping underlings in the dark while they are being manipulated and used for reasons not explained. This is unhealthy and not really Catholic.

    To the extent that lay people are trained for roles outside of Catholic culture there is a tendency for things to drift away from authentic Catholic culture and mores. A convert in a hierarchical secret society structure without any familiarity with Catholic culture can become quite confused. The recent episode where a number of them in academic positions were peddling the idea that you must always tell the truth even to Nazi or Stalinist storm troopers knocking on the door, looking for dissidents to torture and take away to concentration campus, was one of the more absurd misadventures in this authoritarian mentality and mind control, quite contrary to natural law principles of self-defense and just war theory. This was absurd and disgusting. You would have to be some kind of fantastic, demented idiot deep in authoritarian mind control to present such laughable nonsense.

  11. [E. Michael Jones Responds to Randy Engel; hat-tip toThe Hirsch Files]

    …Jones has prepared a response to Engle [sic] in the hopes that she might post it on her site:

    Dear Randy,

    I am not a member of Opus Dei, nor do I have any ties “concrete” or otherwise to that organization. Once upon a time I attended evenings of reflection at the local center, but more recently I was banned from speaking at Opus Dei’s Catholic Information Center in Washington. I have friends in Opus Dei. Marc Brammer is one of them. Another Opus Dei friend was warned by the American prelate not to have anything to do with me. Fortunately, he didn’t follow that advice. I have no intention of distancing myself from my friends even if their organization has distanced itself from me.

    At this point, I have a question. Why would an organization like Opus Dei want to be associated with someone with my views? Opus Dei is probably the world’s most prominent purveyor of neoconservative Catholicism, not just here but throughout the world. Why would a group like that want me as a member? Do you think that hobnobbing with the author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit is going to enhance Opus Dei’s image in the halls of power in Washington or New York? I don’t think so. Nor do they, which is why they do whatever they deem necessary to avoid any contact with me. Opus Dei is happy to invite George Weigel, but Father Stetson showed what he thought of me when he unilaterally canceled the book signing I had at the Catholic Information Center.

    This brings me to the really pernicious aspect of your expose. It’s not simply that it’s full of factual errors, like the alleged location of a nonexistent Opus Dei center in Ferndale, Michigan. Your article is suffused with the sense that personal friendship, far from transcending political differences, is reason to denounce someone for what someone else does or believes. Since you could not make a connection between me and Opus Dei and the sordid story of Church Militant on factual or principled grounds, you had to stoop to guilt by association. Are we now supposed to be judged by our associations instead of what we believe and say and do? As someone I admire once said, “If what I said is false, point out the error. If what I said is true, why do you strike me?”

    Why am I responsible for someone else’s activities? Who made you the judge of my friendships? This is the way the Pharisees treated Jesus when he ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. Was Jesus contaminated by his association with them? Am I somehow contaminated by my friendship with Marc Brammer? Or, more importantly, is he somehow contaminated by his association with me? I’m sure there are people in Opus Dei who think so, but I don’t and don’t think Jesus would either.

    If this is not the case, why have I been subjected to the same pharisaical strictures which the Jews imposed on Jesus? Who put you in charge of my relationships? The answer to all of these questions is the schismatic lack of charity that pervades traditionalist circles. In his treatises on Donatism and Baptism, St. Augustine defined schism as refusal to associate with the body of Christ out of lack of charity and fear of contamination. Bishop Fellay expressed this fear when he said, “the church has cancer. We can’t associate with the church because then we would get cancer.”

    Now I am subjected to the same intolerable lack of charity by you. This is not the way I run my life. To the point, Bishop Williamson stayed at my house twice. Does this establish “concrete ties” with the Society of St. Pius X? Does it make me a closet Lefebvrite? Or is it an indication that personal friendship can sometimes transcend ideological difference? Is that what you’re trying to preclude? If so, I reject your attempt to do so and the stunning lack of charity and narrow-mindedness that prompted you to make the attempt.

    Please post this response on your website.


    As of the writing of this article, Jones’ response has not yet been posted. The events surrounding Jones’ The Man Behind the Curtain are beginning to resemble a multi-stage timebomb.

    • Oh, boo hoo. Randy is sooooo uncharitable. She dug up your incorporation records to show that your friend Brammer is more than a friend, but a vice president of your 501(c)(3) corporation. By the way, why did you leave that little tidbit out of your book?? Bottom line, E., you been


    • Ah, Jonsie! Hoist by your own petard.

      “He’s my friend.” Hahaha. Yeah, we all have millionaire OD friends. I didn’t need Randy Engel to tell me what an OD friend is. NO SUCH THING. It’s a mind-control cult where every brownshirt reports every detail of his “work” to central, down to the penny. Whether you like it or not, you work for OD.

      OD plays the game from all sides, Mike. You’re utility is probably over now, but you’ve done your part to undermine the good and support the bad. You bring down Voris for them because he’s become a liability, and you provide OD a profit in the process! Once upon a time, you did some good. You exposed Medjugorje and Opus Angelorum for the cults they are. But OD made sure you didn’t look for cults elsewhere by paying you to keep bashing traddies.

      I recall when you started Culture Wars. I quit reading right away because I didn’t like getting dragged through the swill every time I picked up your mag. Now it makes more sense: the cult was happy to pay you to bash traddies and pour filth into Catholic minds.

      Come clean, Mike. Open up on the cult. That book will sell, too. Then you’ll learn about your “friend” Brammer.

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