Posters in Rome laud Pope Francis as hero of tolerance

Posters in Rome laud Pope Francis as hero of tolerance


Catholic World News – April 18, 2017

Posters thanking Pope Francis for his promotion of tolerance went up on walls around the city of Rome last week.

The posters, created by the Global Tolerance Initiative, were in sharp contrast to the posters that appeared in Rome in February criticizing the Pontiff. The new posters had official approval from city officials.

The Global Tolerance Initiative proclaimed the Pope as “hero of tolerance,” placing him in that category with the Dalai Lama.

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2 comments on “Posters in Rome laud Pope Francis as hero of tolerance

  1. Tolerance happens. Or maybe not.

    This smells. I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it, but I’ve only found the tip of the iceberg: someone named Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, a German, founder of “World Security Network” and “Codes of Tolerance.” He doesn’t appear to be Catholic, or any more interested in Our Lord than he is in Kant (more below). The money is likely coming from the United Arab Emirates via the tolerance campaign of their VP (below).

    I’ll try to section out the several links, below.

    This starts from (the K of C’s) Crux’s puff piece that unquestioningly gives Hoffmann a forum, and ends with an ironic misplaced modifier:
    Pro-Francis posters go up in Rome, striking a different chord

    Sponsored by The Global Tolerance Initiative, the posters referred to a website called “Love is Tolerance,” which explained that Francis had been named by the organization as their “Global Champion of Tolerance Easter 2017.”

    The photos of the pope are part of the “Champions and the Art of Tolerance Project” by Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann …

    The organization is calling the papal Easter posters “street art action,” intended to celebrate “a Pope of love, tolerance and mercy,” Hoffman said, according to the news site Globalo.

    “We represent the majority of people, not only Catholics, who admire Pope Francis for his crystal clear vision of Christianity with a lovely smiling face of deep humanity,” Hoffman said.

    Whether a Christian or not, Hoffman said “he is our Lighthouse of Hope Easter 2017.” [Who’s not the Christian? Heh – Cyprian]

    The poster references the website The banner on the home page states:

    no tolerance for intolerance –
    tolerance is love- Join us and
    the world be as one

    [Not a typo. What came to your mind? IMAGINE! came to mine. – Cyp]
    Following the links brings you into Hoffmann’s web of sites, , , and more.

    Read all about Hoffmann at
    Of interest is the mission statement at his “Codes of Tolerance” site. Some excerpts follow:

    For my organization, the World Security Network, tolerance and respect are the lifeblood of peaceful coexistence and crucial elements of the “soft powers” of peacemaking.

    German philosopher Emmanuel Kant wrote: “The state of peace among men and women is not the natural state – a state of peace must be established.”

    As a global network, we at WSN believe that these wise ideas are truer today than ever before and must be implemented actively.

    We must all together water the tree of tolerance and respect.

    I am calling for an elite which takes over the promotion of tolerance and respect as a common soul of our global village now, and does not just wait for politics.

    I am calling to impeach the radicals by taking over as an elite the responsibility for a better world of moral values, especially for our children.

    We as the elite have no choice but to take responsibility and take action now.

    If we do not, nobody will do it effectively.

    Would you believe that a big cheese in this operation, and a likely sugar daddy, is a sheikh? If you click through the Love is Tolerance site, you get linked Hoffmann’s globaloney site to read Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s message on tolerance. The sheikh is Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Emir of Dubai.

    We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development.
    The world celebrated the “International Day of Tolerance” on November 16th. …

    Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, President of the UAE, and heir to Sheikh Zayed’s wisdom and tolerance, recently introduced an Anti-Discrimination Law in order to protect our community and preserve our legacy of tolerance. We have a Minister of Tolerance, whose imperative it is to follow up on the implementation of this law, especially with a view to online platforms such as social media. We do not want to experience the side effects of sectarianism, racism or hatred in our communities. We do not want to see any discrimination based on color, sect or origin.

    We urge our Minister of Tolerance to apply this law to everyone with equal diligence – young or old, private employee or government official – no one is above the law.


    That’s all I’ve dug up so far. It looks like Hoffmann’s über alles and the Sheikh’s Ministry of Tolerance want to co-opt Pope Francis in their call for elites to suppress opposition to their immanentization of the New World Order.

    Or maybe I’m just being intolerant.

  2. Nice excavation work, Cyprian!

    I’m putting you in for a Trad Emmy for best actor in a detective series.

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