No more “Anonymous of the Cross”

No more “Anonymous of the Cross”

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Less than one hour ago, from 8:08 EDT, Anonimidellacroce put up a post stating, “our adventure ends here.” is no longer available.

The authors have deleted this site.

Oh, and the letter, the infamous letter about Benedict XVI “forced” renouncement of the papacy. Right. An anonymous letter to an anonymous blog.

A joke from the beginning, or if these two Fraters are real, cowards.

And I guess Rogue Swiss Guard was murdered, too.

What a bunch of nothing.

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3 comments on “No more “Anonymous of the Cross”

  1. It was the Russians. Check with CNN.

  2. I daresay that the so-called “kathlyck blogworld” has become swollen with “fake news” and agitprop instruments from all sorts of quarters.

    Fortunately, the usual common sense, hard fact-driven and learned analysis that characterizes the majority of posts on AQ gets things sorted out in a reasonable period of time and the frauds evaporate while solid reporting and thinking stands its ground.

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