Bloviating O’Reilly, Twice Unlucky on Same Day

1. Finally canned by FOX

2. Gets slot in VIP line to meet Francis

[ This is completely meaningless, of course, but a bit of schadenfreude now and again can relieve tedium. ]

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4 comments on “Bloviating O’Reilly, Twice Unlucky on Same Day

  1. Though hardly a role model from a Christian perspective – I feel kinda sorry for O’Reilly being done in by the hypocritical PC virtue-signaling crowd that deplores the womanizing of conservative males, but applauds and enables the same (or worse) in their own liberal counterparts. Think of another Bill (Clinton).

  2. If he cares to, he’ll end up back in the limelight.

    1. He’s got plenty of money.

    2. He has a credential from Harvard.

    Those two elements usually are enough to get what you want in ‘Murica.

    PS: On his behalf, I did see that women who worked with him defended his personal conduct with them and implied that the allegations of misconduct were wildly distinct from the Bill O’Reilly they knew.

  3. Such problems were inevitable from a co-ed workplace. There is a conflict between two different liberal social movements – the new feminism and the Sexual Revolution. The same virtue-signaling liberals who saw no problem with Bill Clinton’s predatory lechery, including rape, which were all dismissed as “private conduct” irrelevant to job performance are now pouncing on O’Reilly for, among things, referring to the “blondness” of bleached blonde journalists with soaring cleavage, gloss lipstick, and hoop earrings that would make Vegas dancers smile. The harassment cuts both ways. If they want the Clinton rule to stand for liberals in politics (just “private conduct” and “nothing to see here, folks”) and then apply a double standard to conservative journalists there is a conflict in the PC liberal ideology. If O’Reilly is to be run out of town, what should have happened to Bill Clinton?

  4. Why now in the third week of April? The allegations and accusations have been around for a while. It appears to be an occult ritual for mind control known as the Killing of the King Ritual (in this case, the King of Cable News). The Old King (O’Reilly) is replaced the New (young) King (Tucker Carlson).

    It’s an occult fertility rite ritual preceding May Eve (Beltane, the Celtic spring festival):

    They are having a Beltane ritual bonfire to burn away the old Fox News and to usher in the new, younger, progressive version. The target was obviously chosen when it was revealed by PBS that O’Reilly’s ancestry traced back to King Niall of the Nine Hostages and the O’Reilly Kings of Breifne in medieval Ireland who triumphed the Battle of 1256 for control of East Breifne, County Cavan, Ireland.

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