Cardinal Burke on Jesuit General’s “Tape Recorder” Remarks: “A serious mistake that needs correction”

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By Andrew Parrish

April 11th, 2017

(ROME / InfoVaticana) – Speaking in his apartment yesterday with the Spanish Catholic news site InfoVaticana, Cardinal Burke has given a wide-ranging and frank interview, offering his opinion on a host of controversial current topics. One of the issues he tackles is the recent and highly disputed interview given by the new Jesuit General, Fr. Arturo Sosa, in which Fr. Sosa questioned the historical accuracy of the Gospels and particularly Jesus’ words on divorce in the Mosaic Law.

“At that time, no one had a recorder to take down his words,” Fr. Sosa now-infamously said. “So then, there would have to be a lot of reflection on what Jesus really said…What is known is that the words of Jesus must be contextualized, they are expressed in a language, in a specific setting, they are addressed to someone in particular… That is not relativism, but attests that the word is relative, the Gospel is written by human beings, it is accepted by the Church which is made up of human persons.”

With these words in mind, the InfoVaticana reporter asked Cd. Burke his opinion.

“This is completely wrong,” Burke said. “In fact, I find it incredible that he could make these kind of statements. They also need to be corrected. It is unreasonable to think that words in the Gospels, which are words that, after centuries of studies, have been understood to be the direct words of Our Lord, are now not the words of Our Lord because they were not tape recorded. I can’t understand it.” In response to further questions about the gravity of these remarks, he declared, “It is a serious mistake that needs to be corrected… I would say [by] the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Pope’s organ for safeguarding the truth of the faith and morals.”

The full interview can be read here. Donald Trump, the “Alt Right”, the Maltese scandal, the Pope and the dubia, Guam, and Vatileaks are among the other subjects that the Cardinal addresses.

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