SSPX accused of abuse cover-up

SSPX accused of abuse cover-up

Catholic World News – April 05, 2017
The traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has been accused of covering up sexual abuse by priests, in a new television documentary.

A Swedish television program, Uppdrag Granskning, reported that four different clerics of the SSPX—three priests and a former semiarian—had molested at least a dozen young people in several different countries. The evidence of abuse was kept secret by the SSPX, the program charged, and the priests were allowed to continue in ministry.

The program was broadcast just after the Vatican announced that priests of the SSPX could officiate at Catholic marriage ceremonies. That ruling, approved by Pope Francis was the latest in a series of steps toward regularizing the status of the traditionalist group. Pope Francis reportedly met last Saturday with Bishop Bernard Fellay, the superior of the SSPX, amid reports that the Vatican would offer the group the status of a personal prelature.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the same Swedish television program, Uppdrag Granskning, had broadcast an explosive interview with Bishop Richard Williamson in 2009, just after Pope Benedict XVI had lifted the excommunication of SSPX prelates. In that interview Bishop Williamson (who has since split with the SSPX) voiced his doubts about the reality of the Holocaust.

Comment by Phil Lawler from Reading the news between the lines

Why doesn’t Uppdrag Granskning want to see a rapprochement between the Vatican and the Society of St. Pius X? Uppdrag Granskning is a Swedish television program, which has popped up on my radar screen only twice. In 2009, it broadcast an interview with Bishop Richard Williamson, then of the SSPX, in which the bishop denied the severity of the Holocaust. This past week it broadcast a documentary program charging that the SSPX had covered up sexual abuse. The timing of these two broadcasts is interesting, to say the least. The 2009 program aired immediately after Pope Benedict lifted the excommunications of SSPX bishops; this week’s broadcast followed immediately after Pope Francis announced that SSPX priests could be authorized to preside at Catholic weddings. Clearly Uppdrag Granskning timed the broadcasts to do the maximum damage to the cause of regularization for the SSPX. Why? What does a Swedish television program have against a traditionalist Catholic group? Who is feeding information to Uppdrag Granskning to discredit the SSPX? If Pope Francis goes through with the reported plan to establish the SSPX as a personal prelature, will Uppdrag Granskning broadcast another bombshell?

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3 comments on “SSPX accused of abuse cover-up

  1. ” If Pope Francis goes through with the reported plan to establish the SSPX as a personal prelature, will Uppdrag Granskning broadcast another bombshell?”

    You can bet your money on that! Any dirt they can find they will use ! The old propaganda machine is well and living today more than ever especially in our times, when most people follow the secular media like blind zombies.

  2. Some tidbits from our dinner after pro-life work yesterday from an SSPX priest.
    The new marriage rules are really to deal with annulments. Basically if they don’t follow these rules and a couple is asking for an annulment it’s a given the marriage will be annulled because the priest didn’t follow the new rules.
    The media like to set you up and hold on to info, until it’s “needed” like they did with Bishop Williamson.
    There were some as described above, but they are behind bars now.
    (That came out during as persons were describing stings the media was setting up trying to “catch” SSPX priests and seminarians. It’s apparently been going on for ages based on the conversation. One of the men related how he had a woman constantly interested in him until she found out he was “just a worker” at the seminary. She quickly moved on to others who were real priests/seminarians.)
    Lovely stuff to have to deal with on Palm Sunday along with the church bombing and such like.

  3. Posted by Tancred on Saturday, April 8, 2017

    Swedish TV Documntary: SSPX Resistance [emphasis added] is Hiding Sexual Predators

    Edit: this is a documentary by SVT, Swedish TV. They make no bones about their hatred of the Catholic Church, but the claims made about two deviant priests are undoubtedly true. We figured we’d post this here, since you’re likely to hear about it elsewhere sooner or later.

    The first part of the documentary is a lacrymose revisiting of their sensational hit piece on Bishop Williamson which caused a firestorm of controversy as Pope Benedict XVI attempted to reconcile with the Society in 2009. These Swedish secularists don’t hide their essential hostility to the Catholic Faith, especially as it’s embodied by the Society.

    Fortunately, the journalist, Ali Fegan, admits that the accused priests Father P. and Father M. were exiled to a monastery, which they subsequently left, (if they ever went) to join Bishop Williamson’s “Resistance” where they appear to have made a clean slate of their past sins and Father P., at least, who has admitted to his sins, is now doing parish work where he has access to young boys.

    It’s unfortunate that the SSPX took so long to finally get a handle on this problem with respect to these two priests. Don’t they know that such monsters are irredeemable and should be condemned to prison?

    We also have to ask: When are they going to do a story about the rampant sexual abuse in their own back yard with respect to their immigrant population? Or how Swedish elites engage in sex tourism? At least the Society dealt with their problem and sought help from the CDF.

    The video can be accessed here:

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