Cardinal Marx: ‘we believe more than ever in the European project’

Cardinal Marx: ‘we believe more than ever in the European project’

Catholic World News – April 07, 2017
Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, the president of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the EU, met recently with Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, the EU’s executive body.

The prelate was joined by Right Rev. Christopher Hill, the Anglican president of the ecumenical Conference of European Churches.

“In the decades since the founding of the European Union and its predecessor institutions, Europeans have benefitted from historic periods of peace, the expansion of democracy on the continent, and increased freedom to work, travel, and study,” Cardinal Marx and Hill said in a joint statement.

“We believe more than ever in the European project and believe that a common path resting on shared values is the best path,” they continued. “A united Europe brings about peace in a world where peace cannot be taken for granted.”

Comment by Phil Lawler from Reading the news between the lines

What reason does Cardinal Reinhard Marx have to “believe more than ever” in the European project, at a time when European citizens seem increasingly skeptical about the European Union? Insofar as he believes that Europe’s future lies on “a common path resting on shared values,” what are those values? Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI made it clear that Europe’s disparate societies are united only by their shared Christian heritage; the EU has moved further and further away from any association with that heritage.

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