Esolen: Land O’Lakes Statement a “suicide pact”

Esolen: Land O’Lakes Statement a “suicide pact”

From Cardinal Newman Society News Roundup

Matt Archbold / April 4, 2017

On the 50th anniversary of the infamous Land O’ Lakes Statement, which in 1967 changed and corrupted so many Catholic colleges, Providence College Professor Anthony Esolen calls it a “suicide pact” for Catholic education.

He writes at The Catholic Thing:

One searches the statement in vain for the name of Jesus, or for any sense that the Church has an urgent word to speak to a world gone mad; for the world left to its own devices is always going mad, and all the worse when men believe they are building upon a Christian foundation while leaving behind the actual faith, the Church, and Christ. Rather, it is now from the world that the Catholic university will take its direction – the “contemporary” world.

I have been struck dumb with wonder at the perfect record of self-styled progressives when it comes to reading the signs of the times: They are always wrong, and often calamitously so.

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One comment on “Esolen: Land O’Lakes Statement a “suicide pact”

  1. It’s time to tear the mask off of the useful idiots of the Land O’Lakes conference agenda. The architect of this modernist disaster, Notre Dame’s notorious Father Hesburgh, was a shameless puppet of the Illuminati and anti-Catholic cabals through the chicanery of the Rockefeller Foundation which sought to soften Catholics up for birth control and Malthusian population control, exploiting Irish-American Catholic status anxiety of the ridiculous Kennedy era and the vanity and intellectual pride of progressive modernists at Catholic universities during the confusion of the Spirit of Vatican II in the late 1960s. By castrating Catholic identity at Catholic colleges and universities, and loading them up with anti-Catholic liberal faculty pushing political correctness and multiculturalism, now virtually no one gets a Catholic education in college, as the students are ideologically and spiritually sodomized by the anti-Catholic and modernist cabals running this circus, trashing these campuses and the value of their degrees in the pursuit of conformity to a secularist agenda.

    Anti-Catholic Illuminati neo-Gnostic enthroned at Notre Dame commencement ceremony:

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