California’s ‘anti-discrimination’ bill would discriminate against Catholics

California’s ‘anti-discrimination’ bill would discriminate against Catholics

From Cardinal Newman Society News Roundup

Matt Archbold / April 4, 2017

California bishops are standing in opposition to a so-called “anti-discrimination” bill that would prohibit organizations including Catholic schools from firing workers for having an abortion, in vitro fertilization, or giving birth to a child out of wedlock. The bishops say it would violate the First Amendment freedom to exercise religion and prevent Catholic schools from requiring employees to act in accordance with the tenets of the faith.

David French of National Review calls the bill “flatly unconstitutional” but says that California’s Ninth Circuit Court is not necessarily tethered to the Constitution in its decisions. He, therefore, stressed the importance of defeating the bill before it’s passed. “It’s always better to defeat bills in committee rather than test them in court,” he writes.

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  1. The easy answer, which is hard, is QUIT ACCEPTING PUBLIC MONEY. But first they’d have to be Catholic again, make their people Catholic, and they’ll want to sacrifice to support CATHOLIC services. They say St Patrick’s in NYC was built by pennies from the poor.

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