Francis grimaces at the gift of a tiara

Francis grimaces at the gift of a tiara


This reminds me (AQ moderator Tom) of …


Church Revolution in Pictures: Photo of the Week
Posted March 26, 2017

On May 16, 2016, Pope Francis received the Prime Minister of Macedonia Traijko Veljanoski. The Republic of Macedonia is for the most part Greek-Schismatic. As a manifestation of courtesy the Prime Minister brought as a gift for the Pope a beautiful golden tiara adorned with rows of pearls. This gift greatly embarrassed Bergoglio, as shown in the photo above.

The tiara was a work of the so-called Orthodox nuns of Rajcica Monastery with pearls from Macedonia’s Ohrid Lake.

Faced with the prospect of rejecting the tiara, a symbol of the triple monarchy of the Pope that he hates, and thus showing rudeness to his guests as well as potentially raising an obstacle to ecumenism with the Schismatics, he opted to accept the gift with an expression of distaste.

When do we find Francis truly happy and smiling (e.g. third row below)? It is when he is with his fellow communists, like the despot Fidel Castro, fourth row. “For where your treasure is, there is your heart.” (Mt 6: 21)

Last row, a photo of the famous bronze statue of St. Peter wearing the traditional tiara – which all Popes should use – taken on the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, January 18.


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3 comments on “Francis grimaces at the gift of a tiara

  1. Francis finds the ‘tiara’ for the Conciliar Church


    Church Revolution in Pictures: Photo of the Week
    Posted February 14, 2016

    On the same January 27, 2016, that Pope Bergoglio watched a show by circus artists, he also received the Clowns of the Smile. This is a group that performs in hospitals and homes of Rome, supposedly to bring relief to suffering children.

    The clowns gave Francis a hat of balloons specially made for him, which he duly set on his head, above. They also offered him a red nose, which he proceeded to place on his nose, first row below.

    We all know that Bergoglio is methodically destroying what the previous conciliar Popes left of the symbols of the Catholic Church. It is ironic that now, by wearing this histrionic hat of balloons, he found the perfect symbol for himself and the other progressivist Popes. He found the perfect “tiara” for Progressivism.

    This Pope-clown for the second time publicly donned a red nose. We wonder when he will start to oblige the Cardinals and Bishops to wear clownish noses as well.

    Second row, the Clowns of the Smile; third row, the original photos from the video by Rome Reports.


  2. They didn’t make him put it on.

  3. The non-traditional head gear would not be much of a problem if fidelity to Catholic teaching were defended. He still wears the mitre of the office of bishop. If more respect were shown for the crown of thorns of Christ which played a key role in the Christian faith (and in the true Mass) he would get less criticism.

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