Berogliologo for Chrisloslems

Berogliologo for Chrisloslems


[Not an April-fool’s joke]

By Tim Capps – April 01, 2017

The Bear assumes everyone is used to the blasphemies of the current occupant of the Vatican. Therefore you will not be surprised by the latest misuse of what is, after all the Cross of Salvation, in a FrancisLogo that combines the Cross upon which Our Lord died for us with the Crescent that has historically flown over armies and fleets hostile to Christ.

It’s two great tastes that taste great together!

The Cross means no more to Francis than the Nike swoosh or the bitten white Apple. Just another corporate symbol which the Marxists and homosexuals that apparently run things cheek-by-jowl with Francis the Merciful may mix together with in an astonishing display of ignorance.

Especially is now the wrong time to be awarding cred that has hot been earned. The one message to Islam until they progress in civilization is,”No, you’re not doing well at all. You will get a visit from the Pope when you’ve earned it. he’s just going to have to get his virtue signaling fix some other way.”

Pope Francis, I am a Bear. You’re not fooling me. It is not just the Bears. Everything down to the field mice are onto you racket. Leave. Retire. Go home to all your non-Catholic besties.

Or better, think of the ground-breaking ecumenical-interfaith funeral you could unleash! A Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, then the evangelicals, Lutherans, etc. This would be your biggest moment in your life. Homosexuals, Masons, refugees…wow!

Don’t worry about me Jorge. I’ll be okay. Just thinking about it gets me excited.

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One comment on “Berogliologo for Chrisloslems

  1. Maybe he thinks when the Muslims scale the wall at the Vatican, they will spare him and the gay Cardinals and will not throw them off the roof of St. Peter’s ! St. Galen club beware , the Muslims would come and behead you if they could.

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