Rorate: Warning about fake Italian news site

Important: Speaking of Fake News, beware of the following website Now, this is no April fool’s, but quite serious.

Rorate has learned from several different sources in Italy that the recent page “Anonimi della Croce”, led by a “friar” named “Fra’ Cristoforo” is merely a disinformation website by an agent provocateur, whose sole purpose is to provoke real outbursts of outrage or scandal from pious Catholics out of its fake news and fake rumors.

Though Rorate has never used it as a source, ever, we know people who have and would just like to warn them. – See more at:

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5 comments on “Rorate: Warning about fake Italian news site

  1. To quote a Russian proverb that President Reagan used in his dealings with then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev: Trust but verify.

    Fra Cristoforo is sometimes reliable especially for items where he cites a reliable source such as this:

    Everyone in the pilgrimage from “Saint” Luther …

    Date: 31/03/2017
    Author: Fra Cristoforo
    Google translation of

    I read with disgust “chiesaepostconcilio” this initiative of a Milan parish to organize a pilgrimage for Luther ( ). Before the parishes organized pilgrimages to Lourdes, by Padre Pio, Fatima, St. Rita. Obviously today things have just changed. The parishes are organizing to “pilgrimage” to the demons …


    My defamatory comments on the note written by Rorate Caeli against our blog

    Date: 01/04/2017 Author: Finan of Lindisfarne
    Google translation of

    We will certainly not raise a controversy, as we did with OnePeterFive. Even Rorate is perfectly free to believe what he prefers.

    But there is a huge difference between the one who wrote the deserving journalist Skojek ( -The object-of-our-blog-of-finan-of-lindisfarne / ) and instead note of this site, who wrote in the form of ‘certain judgment’ that you too can read.

    I feel obliged therefore to make a clarification, given that their quote is directed against us (the answer is a must):

    1- the site Rorate Caeli cites “multiple sources” in Italy from which …

    2 … learn to give false information, that we are a disinformation site and we want to purposely create scandal.

    Regarding the first point-that we expect a result and smentita- no one has denied our draft, because it is not precisely verified. Others have already had confirmation (as Skojec himself noted in his article on OnePeterFive, although he said that among Cristoforo he “guessed” some predictions).

    An Italian journalist, who all know and love, expressed his opinion perfectly free on his Facebook profile, advising people to “be wary of those who discredit the four cardinals.” Observant readers know that this we would not have done. We said that the Cardinals WILL NOT formal correction to the Pope. On this point we have written in previous articles.

    As for the second point, the site Rorate Caeli -like OnePeterFive and anyone else-, based only on his “impression” about the things we write. Of course the shape of our blog does not help to be believed, but we know that.

    It would have been proper for them, if they wanted to follow the path of prudence, to warn their readers on POSSIBILITY ‘fake news’ on our part.

    Instead Rorate Caeli taken for granted that we say lies and we really a site merely disinformation (the same theory which then Skojec presented as a possibility in his previous article).

    As for me, if we publish drafts and can not be taken seriously, the same can be said of them -that is well known that a form of draft-, since it does not cite “various sources” in Italy and does not give evidence no that our news is untrue.

    As the contrary Skojek I appreciated the serious approach in writing his article ( order-of-our-blog-of-finan-of-lindisfarne / ), whose position remains possibilist, I have instead seen a lack of truth and method in summary judgment as to our blog by Rorate Caeli.

    Given that so far none of Italian journalists bothered to distrust our blog, if you do not warn against possible forgery (most holy) – this is because the seriousness of journalists requires that, prior to publicly discredit a blog, you have to have full certainty of what it says – then we wonder what the sources alluded Rorate Caeli.

    Because one thing is “believe” that Anonimi della Croce said of nonsense, quite another to have proof.

    In conclusion, I draft to draft, who can contradict me if I say that this note of Rorate Caeli is an April Fool?

    Instead he accused of wanting to create a scandal I reject it politely to the sender, calling the sender, to join in prayer and to avoid shooting judgments and sentences without concrete evidence.

    The scandal are certainly not creating two anonymous like us, dear Rorate Caeli, but who is bringing confusion on the basic truths of faith and the founding principles of our ancient, unique and true religion.

  3. Latest from Fra Cristoforo: Excommunication of Luther to be removed [by “Omissis” – Fra Cristoforo’s name for Pope Francis]: A friend offered him a copy of the draft, which he did not accept; the final version will be published on Reformation Sunday at the end of October 2017. AQ moderator Tom’s opinion: Credible (comparable to when Pope Paul VI met the Eastern Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras 1964 in Jerusalem and rescinded the excommunication of the Ecumenical Patriarch in 1054 leading to the Great Schism*) but not substantiated.

    *More symbolic than real, because the Pope of that time (Leo IX) died before the papal legates reached Constantinople, and thus any papal mandate that they could exercise (including excommunication of the Patriarch) lapsed because of the Pope’s death, thus the excommunication was invalid; also an excommunication lapses with the death of the excommunicant, because it is an ecclesiastical punishment in this life and not a judgment of the state of the excommunicant’s soul in the next life.

    • Hey, “Fra”

      If you’re for real, prove it. So far, it’s nothing but empty, unproven, polemical rhetoric.

      Italian rumor mongerers are a dime a dozen. And your disgraced nation’s reputation is just as black as the one here on the other side of the Atlantic.

      Prove you’re not what your boisterous self-justifying bloviations indicate.

      Or just shut up.

  4. In general, unsubstantiated reports from anonymous sources are, well, nothing more than that.

    Psyops and COINTEL ops did not cease with the Cold War.

    And anyone committed to destroying the Catholic Faith today has even more instantly usable mechanisms for doing so. The last bastion of the Faith is the informal “traditional” networkn, especially on the internet. To ignore the possibility of malicious rumor-mongering intent on discrediting that network is quite naïve.

    If a truthful, formal charge or report isn’t signed in the presence of witnesses by a REAL person, it simply doesn’t exist.

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