Hillary Clinton Pulls No Punches in Georgetown University Speech

Hillary Clinton Pulls No Punches in Georgetown University Speech

Hillary Clinton Attends Georgetown Institute For Women, Peace And Security Event

[Hat-tip to PewSitter: “‘Catholic’ Georgetown Give Pro-Abort Hillary Clinton Platform for Speech”]


Former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gave one of her first public speeches since losing the presidency to Donald Trump on Friday morning. The venue was Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security.

Clinton, who helped to create the institute at Georgetown, spoke on the United States’ role regarding the involvement of women in global affairs. Clinton advocated that women’s role in peace and security cannot be “relegated to the margins of international affairs.”

The former secretary of state also spoke on the U.S. military role in recognizing women, saying:

“What I was very pleased by and excited to know is how the U.S. military also recognizes the role of women in peace and security … This is especially important now when we have across the globe more than 60 million refugees fleeing not only conflicts, but famine, drought, and disease.”

Clinton also showed that she wasn’t afraid to attack the Trump administration on its budget, which significantly cuts funding to the State Department:

“We are seeing a shift that should alarm us all. This administration’s proposed cuts to international health, development, and diplomacy would be a blow to women and children, and a grave mistake for our country.”

Clinton cited Defense Secretary James Mattis as saying, “If you cut funds to the State Department, then he has to buy more ammunition.”

She also hinted at the criticism she faced during the presidential election. With a grin, she said:

“Here I go again talking about research, evidence, and ”facts.””

This line drew applause from the traditionally progressive crowd of college students.

The crowd got excited when Clinton hit White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway with, “Now, before anybody jumps to any conclusions, I will state clearly women are not inherently more peaceful than men. That is a stereotype that belongs in the alternative reality.”

Clinton concluded her speech with a call to action for the U.S. and the world to continue to move towards a place of peace.

“I am pleading that our government will continue its leadership role on behalf of peace in the world; because the world must continue this work with or without U.S. involvement.”

She continued, asking, “Will we be left behind, or will we continue to lead the way?”

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