Liturgical ‘devastation’ reflects serious crisis of faith, says Cardinal Sarah

Liturgical ‘devastation’ reflects serious crisis of faith, says Cardinal Sarah

[Another upcoming private meeting with and public slapdown from a “higher authority”?]

Catholic World News – March 31, 2017

In an address to a German conference marking the 10th anniversary of the Summorum Pontificum, Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, offered an extraordinarily blunt appraisal of “the disaster, the devastation, and the schism that the modern promoters of a living liturgy caused.”

Cardinal Sarah reminded his audience that in releasing Summorum Pontificum, broadening access to the traditional Latin liturgy, Pope Benedict XVI had expressed the hope that the two forms of the Roman rite would enrich each other. That enrichment is badly needed, the cardinal argued, in light of the impoverished state of the Catholic liturgy today. He said:

The serious crisis of faith, not only at the level of the Christian faithful but also and especially among many priests and bishops, has made us incapable of understanding the Eucharistic liturgy as a sacrifice, as identical to the act performed once and for all by Jesus Christ, making present the Sacrifice of the Cross in a non-bloody manner, throughout the Church, through different ages, places, peoples and nations. There is often a sacrilegious tendency to reduce the Holy Mass to a simple convivial meal, the celebration of a profane feast, the community’s celebration of itself, or even worse, a terrible diversion from the anguish of a life that no longer has meaning or from the fear of meeting God face to face, because His glance unveils and obliges us to look truly and unflinchingly at the ugliness of our interior life.

Some episcopal conferences even refuse to translate faithfully the original Latin text of the Roman Missal. Some claim that each local Church can translate the Roman Missal, not according to the sacred heritage of the Church, following the methods and principles indicated by Liturgiam authenticam, but according to the fantasies, ideologies and cultural expressions which, they say, can be understood and accepted by the people. But the people desire to be initiated into the sacred language of God.

“Even today, a significant number of Church leaders underestimate the serious crisis that the Church is going through: relativism in doctrinal, moral and disciplinary teaching, grave abuses, the desacralization and trivialization of the Sacred Liturgy,” Cardinal Sarah argued. He said that while some liturgists say the period after Vatican II as a “springtime” for the Church, today wiser observers recognize “a renunciation of her centuries-old heritage.”

“Political Europe is rebuked for abandoning or denying its Christian roots,” Cardinal Sarah remarked. “But the first to have abandoned her Christian roots and past is indisputably the post-conciliar Catholic Church.”

Reference: Cardinal Sarah’s Address on 10th Anniversary of “Summorum Pontificum” (Catholic World Report)

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3 comments on “Liturgical ‘devastation’ reflects serious crisis of faith, says Cardinal Sarah

  1. For all the legitimate points raised, and they are several, these occasional prelatial squeaks will, in all likelihood, amount to absolutely zilch, zip, nada.

    It will have no effect on the semi-barbarian establishment and will only once again raise and then dash the sentimental “hopes” of folks seriously interested in restoring the Faith.

    Yes, it is good the cardinals said what he did. Yes, the cardinal is a very NICE cardinal.

    However, until Vatican Twice and all its pomps and works have been destroyed down to the submolecular level, all Catholics will ever see – save for the acts and words of a handful of priests who uphold, preach and exemplify the Faith – is the occasional, nice prelate…

    … being completely ignored by the establishment and its google-eyed liberal base.

    • True what you say, but isn’t it also nice to hear it from at least one of “them?” Maybe in a couple of hundred years, a blink of the eternal eye, there’ll be a Council where the the Tiber Flows into the Rhone, the Rhine, the Mississippi, the Volga, etc.

      • I don’t expect much else any sooner, Quo.

        But yes, “nice” beats the alternative, our staple diet when it comes to ecclesial bafflegab for now half a century.

        Once again I am reminded of Msgr Fenton’s note in his 1962 diary that since Papa Sarto all we’ve known is more and more tolerant popes appointing more and more stupid men as bishops. Cd Sarah IS intelligent but his thinking exudes a Vatican II aroma. it is a “workaround” approach that ignores its inherent violation of the principle of non-contradiction.

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