The Decadent Face of the Church in Germany

The Decadent Face of the Church in Germany

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 30, 2017


You are looking at Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the extremely well-fed, luxuriously housed, chauffeur-driven, endlessly subversive Modernist who heads the German Bishops’ Conference while presiding over his sector of Europe’s silent apostasy as the Cardinal Archbishop of Munich.

Marx, a member of Pope Bergoglio’s worse-than-useless Council of Cardinal Advisers, represents what is left of the Catholic Church in most of Germany. He presides over a spiritually rotting husk of an archdiocese that has exactly one new candidate for the priesthood this year. And who knows if that one candidate will ever be ordained?

Marx is maintained in the style to which he is accustomed only by dint of compulsory tax contributions extracted by the German government from the rapidly dwindling number of Germans who still denominate themselves Catholic on their tax returns. He is literally a parasite on the body of the Church who is relentlessly snuffing out the Faith in the rather extensive territory under his charge.

Characters like Marx infest almost the entire Church today. They are the infectious agents of an ecclesial disease the likes of which the Church has never seen: a systemic collapse of faith and discipline, leaving only isolated enclaves of relative orthodoxy and orthopraxis, like patches of healthy skin on a body ravaged by leprosy.

It was Marx who spearheaded the German bishops’ recent adoption of a statement authorizing Holy Communion for public adulters in keeping with what everyone who is not willfully blind can see is the master plan of Pope Bergoglio. And, as Life Site News summarizes: “The German Bishops’ Conference has also promoted homosexual unions as a sacrament, published material in support of gender ideology, and advanced justification for same-sex “marriage.” The Conference voted in 2015 to permit its employees to publicly defy the Church’s moral teaching [against “homosexual unions”] without putting their employment at risk.”

In his unblinking determination to bring the slow assisted suicide of the German Church to its bitter end, Marx now proposes to “solve” the vocations crisis he himself has caused by having lay people run the ever-growing number of priestless parishes in Germany. As for the priesthood, Marx now suggests the ordination of married men in the manner of Protestant ministers, citing the opening for an abandoment of priestly celibacy recently provided in an interview by — is anyone surprised? — Pope Bergoglio.

“We are experiencing a great upheaval in the Church at the moment,” said Marx in discussing his plans. Surely Marx must have been laughing inwardly at the supremely ludicrous irony of that remark. He knows exactly what he is doing, as does the God who knows all, sees all, and will not be mocked. Marx’s day of reckoning is fast approaching, as is the day when the crisis he represents will be resolved in a most miraculous fashion.

Meanwhile, however, it behooves us to know the enemy and to oppose them publicly with every legitimate means at our disposal. For when even the few remaining true shepherds fail effectively to defend the flock against the wolves from whom Benedict XVI fled, the sheep must learn to fend for themselves.

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