Cardinal Turkson ‘concerned’ by Trump policies, welcomes ‘dissenting voices’

Cardinal Turkson ‘concerned’ by Trump policies, welcomes ‘dissenting voices’

[Another Never-Trumper in the Vatican]

Catholic World News – March 30, 2017

The Vatican is “concerned” about the policies of US President Donald Trump, and hope he will “reconsider some of his decisions,” a top Vatican official told reporters on March 30.

“Fortunately there are dissenting voices” in America, said Cardinal Peter Turkson, the prefect of the Vatican’s new dicastery for Integral Human Development. He noted that the US Catholic bishops have criticized Trump’s stand on immigration, and “a lawyer in Hawaii” [actually a federal judge] had blocked the White House restrictions on travel to the US.

Cardinal Turkson expressed particular dismay over Trump’s decision to lift some restrictions on the mining and use of coal. He said that the decision throws into question America’s commitment to safeguarding the environment. The cardinal pointed to China’s recent decision to take action against pollution, and said that in leadership on environmental issues, “America is creating a vacuum that China is filling.”

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5 comments on “Cardinal Turkson ‘concerned’ by Trump policies, welcomes ‘dissenting voices’

  1. [The USCCCP joins the chorus of dissenting voices]

    USCCCP prelate: Trump executive order jeopardizes environment

    Catholic World News – March 30, 2017

    Bishop Frank Dewane, the chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, criticized President Donald Trump’s executive order on promoting energy independence and economic growth.

    “This Executive Order places a number of environmental protections in jeopardy and moves the U.S. away from a national carbon standard, all without adopting a sufficient plan for ensuring proper care for people and creation,” the prelate said in a statement, adding:

    With this recent order, the Administration risks damage to our air, our waters and, most importantly, our people, particularly the poor and vulnerable, without proposing a concrete and adequate approach to meet our stewardship obligations as a nation.

  2. We gonna die! Die! Die! Die! Pinko bishops find something to speak out on!

  3. Everything this commie Cardinal is complaining about (Immigration, mining etc) has nothing to do with Catholic dogma.
    Yet, as we know, most of these guys running the Vatican now, and basically for the last 50 years, are more concerned with upholding leftist and NWO dogma than they are with Catholic dogma.
    Fortunately not many people, (including trad Catholics and many neo-Catholics) are listening to these people anymore like Turkson.

  4. Apart from calculus and moral theology concerning the proper object of a penitent making his confession, the term “integral” is one of many otherwise perfectly useful terms hijacked by the Left, especially in NewVatiSpeak circles.

    Did whatever bozo came up with the “concept” of a dicastery for “integral human development” seek to imply that men do not, rather predictably since Adam, “develop” either for good or otherwise? All by themselves? Without leftist “ecclesial” (sic!) oversight?

  5. Did this Cardinal speak out when a Communist follower of Saul Alinsky was in the White House waging an anti-Catholic war against the Little Sisters of the Poor? It seems strange that so many liberals are now worried about Russia when the candidate closer to a Soviet style of totalitarianism was the candidate of their party.

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