Pope Francis: elimination of nuclear weapons is moral imperative

Pope Francis: elimination of nuclear weapons is moral imperative

[Tell that to North Korea, Iran and Israel; Crux: “Every state with nuclear weapons – including the five veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council – boycotted the congress” and countries that are developing nuclear weapons (such as Iran) or wish to have them for self-defense in the form of a strategy of MAD (mutually assured destruction) against a threatening, neighboring state (such as South Korea against the North) or actually have them but keep it secret although thinly-veiled (such as Israel)]

Catholic World News – March 28, 2017

In a message to a United Nations conference on nuclear weapons, Pope Francis said that the “ultimate goal of the total elimination of nuclear weapons” is “both a challenge and a moral and humanitarian imperative.”

“The common destiny of mankind demands the pragmatic strengthening of dialogue and the building and consolidating of mechanisms of trust and cooperation, capable of creating the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons,” the Pope said in his message, which was dated March 23 and released March 28. “Growing interdependence and globalization mean that any response to the threat of nuclear weapons should be collective and concerted, based on mutual trust.”

He continued:

This trust can be built only through dialogue that is truly directed to the common good and not to the protection of veiled or particular interests; such dialogue, as far as possible, should include all: nuclear states, countries which do not possess nuclear weapons, the military and private sectors, religious communities, civil societies, and international organizations. And in this endeavor we must avoid those forms of mutual recrimination and polarization which hinder dialogue rather than encourage it.

The UN conference, the Pope concluded, “is an exercise in hope and it is my wish that it may also constitute a decisive step along the road towards a world without nuclear weapons. Although this is a significantly complex and long-term goal, it is not beyond our reach.”

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One comment on “Pope Francis: elimination of nuclear weapons is moral imperative

  1. [Donald R. McClarey at The American Catholic asks] A few questions:

    1. Does the Pope propose that force be used against a nation that does not agree to give up its nukes?

    2. If force is to be used, who would provide the force and who would be in charge of it?

    3. If a nation that is unwilling to give up its nukes uses a nuclear weapon against forces attempting to remove its nukes, may those forces use nukes in response?
    4. How would the Pope deal with the problem of nations cheating by saying that they had given nukes up, but actually retaining the nukes?

    5. If a nation’s people votes to retain nukes, would the Pope be willing to have force deployed against such a nation to remove its nukes against the will of a majority of the people of a nation?

    6. What would happen to the nukes that are removed from operation?

    7. What would the Pope propose be done if the entire world engaged in total nuclear disarmament and then a terrorist group announced both a list of demands and proof that it possessed nukes?

    8. What background does the Pope have in nuclear strategy?

    9. Is this a serious proposal or mere feel good Bomfog from the Vatican?

    10.. May we assume that Pope Francis has solved all problems besetting the Church now that he has time to determine what should be done with nuclear arsenals?

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