Comrades, Since 1958

Anyone who listens to the late, truly great Canon Gregory Hesse’s conferences on YouTube has likely heard him state without missing a beat that Roncalli was a communist.

Here’s a sourced time capsule to back up the assertion.

(Feel free to apply to certain ecclesial loony tune characters in our own hidebound era of intergalactic nuttiness, PC terrorism and galloping apostasy…)

[h/t to one Giuseppe Antonio Francisco on Facebook]

Angelo Roncalli (would-be John XXIII) in March 1953, speaking before the entire city council and the mayor of Venice Italy, as quoted by his biographer, Lawrence Elliot:
“Not a week had passed before he went to the town hall to pay a call on the mayor, Armando Gavagnin, in thanks for the warmth of his welcome. Present, as Roncalli anticipated, was the entire city council, Socialists, Communists, and all. He told them that he was glad to be in the house of the people, the place where men worked for good government. ‘Only he who works for good is a Christian,’ he went on gently, ‘EVEN IF it happens that there may be several here who do not call themselves Christians. Yet they MAY be considered such for the good that they do, and so to all of you, WITHOUT DISTINCTION, I give my paternal blessing.’ ” [Cf. “I Will be Called John: A Biography of Pope John XXIII,” by Lawrence Elliot, Reader’s Digest Press (1973), pp. 208-209. Emphasis added.]

Pope Pius XI, in his Encyclical, Quadragesimo Anno, May 15, 1931, “On Reconstruction of the Social Order,” on “Socialism”:

“We declare as follows: Whether socialism be considered as a doctrine, or as an historical fact, or as an ‘action,’ if it truly remain socialism, even after it has yielded to truth and justice in the matters which we have mentioned, it CANNOT be reconciled with the dogmas of the Catholic Church, since it conceives a human society completely AT VARIANCE with Christian truth.

“Socialism conceives of a society and the social character of man entirely at variance with Christian truth. According to Christian doctrine man, endowed with a social nature, is placed on this earth, so that by leading a life in society and under an authority ordained by God [cf. Rom. 13:1] he may develop and evolve fully all his faculties to the praise and glory of his Creator; and by faithfully performing the duty of his trade, or of any other vocation, he may acquire for himself both temporal and eternal happiness. Socialism, however, entirely ignorant of this sublime end both of man and of society, and UNCONCERNED about it, affirms that human society was instituted for material advantages alone…

“Catholic and socialist have CONTRADICTORY meanings. But if socialism, as all errors, contains some truth in itself… nevertheless it is based on a doctrine of human society, peculiar to itself, and at odds with Christianity. ‘Religious socialism,’ ‘Christian Socialism’ have contradictory meanings: NO ONE can at the same time be a good Catholic and a socialist in the true sense of the word…” [Denzinger: Sources of Catholic Dogma, n. 2270. Cf. Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Vol. 23-1931, pp. 215ff.]

From the “Syllabus of Errors” condemned by Pope Pius IX: “Comprising the particular Errors of our age, which are noted in consistorial Allocutions, in Encyclical and other Apostolic Letters of His Holiness…”

“Sec. IV. Socialism, Communism, Secret Societies, Biblical Societies, Clerico-liberal Societies”

“1718a Evils of this sort have been reproved often and in very severe words in the Encyclical Letter, “Qui Pluribus,” Nov. 9, 1846 (1); in the Allocution, “Quibus quantisque,” Apr. 20,1849 (4); in the Encyclical Epistle, “Nostis et Nobiscum,” Dec. 8, 1849 (5); in the Allocution, “Singular) quadam,” Dec. 9, 1854 13. in the Encyclical Epistle, “Quanto conficiamur moerore,” Aug. IO, 1863 (28).” [Denzinger: Sources of Catholic Dogma, nos. 1718a. Cf. Acta Sanctae Sedis Vol. 3-1867, pp. 168ff.]

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  1. Do you still hear that Communism hasn’t been truly implemented yet, that we have to get back to Lenin and the originals? I don’t hear it like I used to. But I suspect that’s what Vatican II was all about, the implementation of the beneficent socialist communal and globalist one-world society, Communism in the “Christian” sense. That’s an older mindset and might explain comrade Bergoglio, too.

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