Supreme Court?

There’s a lot of talk these days about the U.S. Supreme Court and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to be Associate Justice of that court. There’s all sorts of claims about the rulings of this court, “those rulings being settled law”, etc. As Catholics, however, we know that there is only one real “Supreme” Court and that is the Court of Heaven with the Chief Justice being Our Lord Himself and the 12 “Associate” Justices being the 12 Apostles. In paraphrasing Scripture Our Lord told the apostles they would sit in judgment of the 12 tribes of Israel (His Church on earth). So, it seems apprpriate that we take all this nonsense about the US Supreme Court rulings as “settled law” with a huge dose of scepticism. And, Mr. Gorsuch himself should, if he is a professed Christian, identify himself more with the rulings of the real “Supreme” Court and its “Associate” Justices.

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