GROWING UP CATHOLIC: Remembering Tradition

GROWING UP CATHOLIC: Remembering Tradition

Published on Mar 23, 2017

Since Michael Matt is out of town this week—attending the Catholic Identity Conference planning meeting in Pittsburgh—we’re offering heavily edited excerpts of a recent episode on growing up Catholic. Some of our viewers requested this so that they could share these stories from the old days with non-Traditionalist friends and family. Topics include “Old Catholic Nuns,” the “Old Catholic Confessional,” the “Old Catholic Priesthood,” “Meatless Fridays,” “Scapulars and Mass in Latin,” and the “Large Catholic Family”.

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2 comments on “GROWING UP CATHOLIC: Remembering Tradition

  1. Just when you thought it could not get any worse , a local Kof C chapter put out requests for ” Catchers ” at a local “healing ” session in a Catholic parish in The Colorado Springs Diocese. Looks like this Church has gone full Protestant ! The healing preachers on TV and in the Protestant Church’s were a big joke when I was a kid ! In fact they were mocked from the pulpit . This Catholic Church of today is a giant embarrassment!

    • Father Ralph DiOrio

      Uploaded on Oct 22, 2009

      In the time since receiving the gift of healing, Father Ralph has traveled the world touching and healing countless people in spirit, soul and body. He has done extensive work overseas in India and across Europe, as well as here in the United States and Mexico. He has appeared in countless newspaper articles and magazines and has been featured in TV shows including an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries.” He has received many awards and honors for his works including: the 1982 Children’s Village USA Angel Award in Hollywood, California; UNICO Man of the year award in 1982; the 1997 Bishop O’Reilly Assembly (Knights of Columbus) Citizen of the Year Award; and the Witness Award in 2006 from the Passionist Community.

      Eucharistic Healing Service Father Jose Maniyangat

      Uploaded on Dec 21, 2010

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