Georgetown lecturer criticizes Catholicism

Georgetown lecturer criticizes Catholicism

Matt Archbold / March 23, 2017

Georgetown University recently hosted feminist writer and activist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to discuss the compatibility of religion and feminism.

As part of the Faith and Culture Lecture Series at the Jesuit university, Adichie maligned Catholicism as well as other religions. “Not just Catholicism, but the religions I am mostly familiar with, in the mainstream way they are practiced are not the most women-friendly institutions,” she said. “Feminism is just that simple idea that women are fully equal and there’s a sense in which religion has been used to justify oppressions based upon the idea that women are not fully equal human beings.”

Adichie, who said she was raised Catholic, told the audience, “I am very uncomfortable saying that I am Catholic. It’s almost a political identity to be Catholic, in America. It’s an identity that says you’re pro-life, conservative. In some ways I feel as though they often go together.”

Yes, we’re quite happy that Catholicism and believing that all human life is sacred go nicely together.

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One comment on “Georgetown lecturer criticizes Catholicism

  1. One needs to understand that many good people live in these 3rd world countries and they dream of America as the place their dreams come true. They grow up on their country naive about the evils found here. And the American economic properity is confused with goodness of values. So they grow up thinking their country and the faith they grew up in are holding them and their nations down. When foreigners apply for a scholarship, or college admission. or student Visas, they are offered by NGOs to advance their World Order; And the applicants for the scholarships, as well as applicants for college admissions and even student Visas are expected to regurgitate in interviews and essays the World Order party line and answer the way the pseudo intelligencia of the West expect them to. These foreign students are then groomed during their college years, so that later they can go back to their country and, like a virus reinjected after DNA is altered in lab experiments, : can change their traditional societies according to US/Western values.Vladimir Lenin was a perfect example of this strategy. Poor Lady! She goes out of her way, brainwashed, thinking she is doing something good, undermining the Faith and culture she was raised, in her attempts to show appreciation to the World Order

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